War of the Worlds Season 3: Everything We Know

Created by Howard Overman, ‘War of the Worlds’ is a thrilling sci-fi series that revolves around a group of terrified survivors joining hands to take down a clan of cold-blooded aliens. Set in contemporary France, these extra-terrestrial beings wreak havoc upon the Earth, killing countless humans by the minute. Thus, stopping them is crucial for the survival of humanity.

The show is roughly based on ‘The War of the Worlds,’ an 1898 novel by H. G. Wells, and is the third television adaptation of the same. Since its inception in October 2019, the show has spawned two seasons that have kept the audiences on their toes. As talks of a potential third season have begun among fans, we’d like to give all the details about it!

War of the Worlds Season 3 Release Date

‘War of the Worlds’ Season 2 released on June 6, 2021, on Epix and concluded its eight-episode run on August 1, 2021. Before its stateside release, it premiered on May 17, 2021, in France. Howard Overman’s menacing world of “humans vs. aliens” returned with even bleaker storytelling that slowly unravels the mysterious origin of the ruthless Invaders destroying human life.

With regards to the third season, here’s what we have gathered. Fans will be thrilled to know that the show has been renewed for another season. The news arrived on July 6, 2021, through an announcement made by premium network Epix. Not only that, but its filming has also commenced and is expected to wrap up soon, considering the fact that it is slated to air in 2022.

It can be further noted that the filming for season 2 had started on July 13, 2020, and continued with strict COVID-19 protocols in place. Despite the challenges involved, the network rolled out the second edition of this intriguing sci-fi series the following year in May. This indicates that the upcoming season might follow a similar release pattern. Considering all these factors, we can expect ‘War of the Worlds’ season 3 to release sometime in Q2 2022.

War of the Worlds Season 3 Cast: Who is in it?

The cast of ‘War of the Worlds’ has Daisy Edgar-Jones in the lead portraying Emily, a young woman suspected to have deep ties with the aliens. Gabriel Byrne plays Bill Ward, one of the survivors who now wants to take down the Invaders. Léa Drucker plays Catherine Durand, one of the two scientists to sense the arrival of the aliens. Natasha Little essays the role of Sarah Gresham, Emily’s mother, who hopes to find her husband Jonathan after the attack. Although not confirmed, these actors are integral to the cast of the show, so their return is highly anticipated.

Other important cast members expected to reprise their roles include Stéphane Caillard as Chloe Dumont, Adel Bencherif as Colonel Mustafa Mokrani (guest appearance in season 2), Ty Tennant as Tom Gresham, Stephen Campbell Moore as Jonathan Gresham, Bayo Gbadamosi as Kariem Gat Wich Machar, Emilie de Preissac as Sophia Durand, and Aaron Heffernan as Ash Daniel. New actors confirmed to be joining are Molly Windsor, Madeleine Worral, Ernest Kingsley Junior, and Oliver Hembrough.

War of the Worlds Season 3 Plot: What is it About?

At the end of season 2, Bill goes back in time and disrupts the time loop, wiping the aliens out of existence, which means that the subsequent events leading up to the present have been undone, including the slow but sure destruction of Earth. Moreover, Micah’s journal is now locked away as evidence that might unlock the unknown concepts behind time travel in the third season. We can also expect to witness more timelines other than the ones already existent.

Zoe and Emily keep getting visions of a future that will not take place, which means that they might have been sent from a different timeline. As of now, Bill has successfully made it back to the past, but he has brought along around half a dozen aliens who are now stranded in this new order of time that we hope to learn more about in the upcoming season.

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