Was It Love Episode 11: When And Where to Watch?

This week’s double-episode dose of ‘Was It Love?’ revealed some shocking details. When Dae-o and Ae-Jeong’s love seems to be just blooming, the former hears a troubling bit of news. And this information is related to Ha Nee’s dad — someone who had been dead all this while as per Ae-Jeong. Well, if you have already watched the last episodes, you might want to get some insights on when the next part will hit Netflix. Read on!

Was It Love? Episode 11 Release Date

‘Was It Love?’ episode 11 is slated to release on August 12, 2020, at 3 am ET on Netflix. This will be followed by episode 12, which drops on August 13, 2020. Two new episodes will drop every Wednesday and Thursday on the streamer. Season 1 will comprise 16 episodes, each spanning around 70 minutes in length.

Where to Watch Was It Love? Episode 11 Online?

You can stream ‘Was It Love?’ episode 11 on Netflix. You can additionally catch up on the episode by downloading the Netflix app. Korean residents can watch the show by tuning into their tv screens on the dates mentioned above — with the help of a cable subscription for the JTBC channel.

Was It Love? Episode 9 & 10 Recap

Episode 9 begins with a flashback. We are taken to a couple of years in the past when Dae-o gets hurt during the shooting of his movie and Ae Jeong comes to his aid. Following this, the two get involved in a romantic relationship. In the present time, Ae Jeong reminisces about how much she used to love Dae-o. But when he tries to kiss her, she pushes him away, hurting his feelings.

The rest of the three guys reach the same location and they are worried about Ae Jeong. With all four of them together on the island, the arguments start — with one telling the other to stay away from Ae Jeong. Meanwhile, during the night, at a party, Ae Jeong finally reveals why she had left Dae-o 14 years back. The episode ends with Ae Jeong changing her mind and deciding to give Dae-o another chance.

In episode 10, Ae Jeong tries to confess her feelings for Dae-o but is interrupted by Ah-rin. As a result, she withholds her own emotions and ends up saying rude things that hurt Dae-o even more. Meanwhile, Ryu Jin decides to resign from Ms. Song’s agency. The latter has done a paternity test for Ha-nee and Ryu Jin and is all set to blackmail Ryu Jin with whatever information she has discovered.

Of course, when Ha Nee learns that she is the result of a one night stand between Ryu Jin and Ae Jeong, she is shocked. When Ae Jeong tries to console her daughter, the situation turns worse when Dae-o overhears. Previously, Ae Jeong had told him that Ha-nee’s father had died. So how will Dae-o take this news when he discovers that Ae Jeong had been lying all along. And why did she choose to hide the fact that Ryu Jin is Ha Nee’s dad? Only time will tell.

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