Was It Love Episode 16: When And Where to Watch?

The 15th episode of ‘Was it Love’, which also happens to be the pre-finale did not air as planned on August 26, 2020. This is because the JTBC Network had to air an emergency report regarding typhoon Bavi, one of the most devastating disasters to have hit Korea in recent years — with a wind speed of over 96 miles/ hour. As a result, the penultimate episode could not be released for the international audience as well on Netflix. It dropped a day later, on August 27, 2020. This means there has been a slight change in the finale’s schedule, which was supposed to land this Thursday. Unfortunately, you will have to wait a little longer for the concluding part to hit the streamer. But as always, we are here with the updated schedule!

Was It Love? Finale Release Date

‘Was It Love?’ episode 16 is slated to release on September 2, 2020, at 3 am ET on Netflix. The 16th episode marks the finale for the first season.

Where to Watch Was It Love? Episode 16 Online?

You can stream ‘Was It Love?’ episode 16 on Netflix. You can additionally catch up on the episode by downloading the Netflix app. Korean residents can watch the show by tuning into their tv screens on the dates mentioned above — with the help of a cable subscription for the JTBC channel.

Was It Love? Episode 15 Recap

‘Was it Love’ episode 15 starts off right from where we left off the story in the 14th episode. Following Ae Jeong’s abduction by a gang of Chinese kidnappers, she gets an emotional text from Dae-o. She is seen sitting by his side at the hospital and breaks down into tears as she confesses how much she had missed him over the years. At this exact moment, Dae-o wakes up and happens to hear all her words. The two even end up sharing a kiss — something we had been waiting for all this while!

However, to make things a bit embarrassing, Ha Nee and Ae Jeong’s mum walk in on them at the precise moment. But when Ha Nee sees that Ae Jeong is so happy around Dae-o, she changes her opinions about him being a part of her mother’s life. Everything looks promising now for Ae Jeong but she still needs to handle Ryu Jin’s former management agency. Ae Jeong plans on producing a movie but Ms. Song enters the scene to create problems. Ms. Song seems undeterred even after being shamed by Ryu Jin at a press conference for spreading malicious rumors about him.

On the other hand, Ae Jeong’s former boss looks for some documents after being chased by thugs who have been blackmailing him. We believe he is all set on betraying Ae Jeong once again. But this time, the situation is a bit different. Ae Jeong has both Dae-o and Ryu Jin backing her, alongside Pa-do. Again, Yeon Woo’s mother, the wealthy owner of an entertainment agency, speaks to Ae Jeong’s mother. Yeon Woo knows that Dae-o and Ae Jeong are together. So, how this love triangle unfolds will be another interesting part of the finale’s storyline.

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