Was It Love Episode 5: When And Where to Watch?

This week, in ‘Was it Love?’, we see Ae Jeong’s four suitors getting involved more deeply in her life. While one of them lands in her house, another wants to help her through the debt crisis at her workplace. Well, if you have already watched the last episode, you might want to get some insights on when the next part will hit Netflix. Read on!

Was It Love? Episode 5 Release Date

‘Was It Love?’ episode 5 is slated to release on July 22, 2020, at 3 am ET on Netflix. Two new episodes will drop every Wednesday and Thursday on the streamer. Season 1 will comprise 16 episodes, each spanning around 70 minutes in length.

Where to Watch Was It Love? Episode 5 Online?

You can stream ‘Was It Love?’ episode 5 on Netflix. You can additionally catch up on the episode by downloading the Netflix app. Korean residents can watch the show by tuning into their tv screens on the dates mentioned above — with the help of a cable subscription for the JTBC channel.

Was It Love? Episode 4 Recap

Ae Jeong has always wanted to work with Dae-o to get his first novel made into a movie. The producer believes that if she is able to convince the author, she will have enough cash to pay off the debt her company owes to Pa Do. If you have watched the show, you would know that Ae Jeong’s former boss had absconded after having scammed Pa Do with a lot of money. Moreover, Dae-o also happens to be Ae Jeong’s ex-flame. She tells him that she wants him to finish his first novel.

On the other hand, Dae-o explains that he left the story open-ended because he did not have a woman to help him with a female perspective. Ryu Jin, who fails to land a role in a film he auditioned for, is unhappy but also wants to know about the female inspiration behind Dae-o’s novel. Dae-o gets a call from a Hollywood company wanting to adapt his debut novel into a film.

But Dae-o is confused between his feelings for Ae Jeong and his Hollywood dreams. He eventually finds out that Ae Jeong owes Pa Do 1.6 billion won and this information worries him. He does not yet know that Ae Jeong has a daughter and is still to unveil why she had to drop out of college earlier. He, however, seeing Ae Jeong’s crises considers working with her, and offers to sign a contract. After some persistence from his part, Ae Jeong agrees.

In the meantime, Ae Jeong’s mum invites Ha Nee’s teacher Yeon Woo over for dinner. Even he had held an interest in Ae Jeong in the past. He hopes to get a second chance in helping Ae Jeong take care of Ha Nee. On the other hand, Ha Nee is intrigued by all these guys making comebacks in her mother’s life and decides to find out who her real father is. She goes through her mother’s stuff and finds an old number that leads to Ryu Jin! The end!

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