Was It Love Episode 9: When And Where to Watch?

The men around Ae-Jeong have finally started confessing their feelings for the tv producer. But these new revelations do not come with pleasant consequences and are only adding to the tension. What is more? This week, we learn some more truths about the past of some of the protagonists. Well, if you have already watched the last episodes, you might want to get some insights on when the next part will hit Netflix. Read on!

Was It Love? Episode 9 Release Date

‘Was It Love?’ episode 9 is slated to release on August 5, 2020, at 3 am ET on Netflix. This will be followed by episode 10, which drops on August 6, 2020. Two new episodes will drop every Wednesday and Thursday on the streamer. Season 1 will comprise 16 episodes, each spanning around 70 minutes in length.

Where to Watch Was It Love? Episode 9 Online?

You can stream ‘Was It Love?’ episode 9 on Netflix. You can additionally catch up on the episode by downloading the Netflix app. Korean residents can watch the show by tuning into their tv screens on the dates mentioned above — with the help of a cable subscription for the JTBC channel.

Was It Love? Episode 7 & 8 Recap

Episode 7 sees Dae-o confessing before Ae-Jeong that he still has a soft corner for her. But she thinks that he is joking and laughs off the whole situation. She is surprised as to why Dae-o would still like her after accusing her of ruining his life all this while. As Ae-Jeong heads out from the party, she meets Yeon-woo who reveals that he is the son of the hosts — Dae-o and Ah-rin. Yeon-woo sees Ae-Jeongs soiled clothes and takes her out to buy a new dress. Eventually, they draw closer as friends.

Dae-o tells Ryu Jin about his confession. This is when Ryu Jin reveals that Ae-Jeong also has a daughter named Ha-nee. But a determined Dae-o gets drunk and reaches Ae-Jeong’s house. This is when he meets Yeon-woo. The two get into a clash after Yeon-woo discovers that Dae-o is the man from Ae-Jeong’s past.

In the eighth episode, we have a flashback from Ryu Jin’s past when he was head over heels in love with Ae-Jeong. He had attempted to confess his feelings but was not unable to do do. On the other hand, Ryu Jin and Dae-o get into a fight when the former learns the truth about Dae-o and Ae-Jeong’s history. This leads to increased tension between the two men. Dae-o makes another attempt at expressing his feelings before Ae-Jeong. We additionally learn that Pa-Do’s ex-wife used to look exactly the same as Ae-Jeong. And this is the reason why he cannot get over the tv producer.

We are yet to know of the secret behind Haa-Nee’s father. This is something that has kept viewers hooked since the start of the series. Again, we do not know why Pa-Do hides photographs of his wife from his son. Since the story is finally starting to delve deeper into the lives of the protagonists, we hope the next episodes will give us more answers.

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