Will There be a Was it Love Season 2?

‘Was it Love?’ joined the slew of Korean romcoms on Netflix, which re-lives some of the familiar elements — dreamy music, a couple of comic one-liners, and a woman pursued by several men. However, ‘Was it Love?’ shakes things up a bit. Here, the subject of affection is a single, career-oriented, 30-something mother. Ae Jeong, the female protagonist, is not searching for love. She is strong enough to look out for herself. Yes, the storyline is a tad complicated and this is what sets the series apart from its counterparts. Whether Ae Jeong finds love or not in answered in the season 1 finale, which dropped in September 2020. And this has left us wondering if the K-drama will release another season. Let us get started!

Was it Love? Season 2 Release Date:

‘Was it Love?’ season 1 premiered on July 8, 2020, on Netflix (globally) and on JTBC (South Korea). It wrapped up with its 16th episode on September 2, 2020. As of now, both the platforms have not released any update on the future of the romantic comedy series. While the show opened to moderate success, its ratings continued to drop with each new episode. And in terms of content, the tale wraps up without any hanging threads in the finale. Therefore, there is simply no point in dragging the plot only for the sake of it.

So, considering the lukewarm reception and the close-ended storyline, it appears that ‘Was it Love?’ season 2 is most likely cancelled. In the unlikely scenario that a new edition is commissioned, we can expect ‘Was it Love?’ season 2 to release sometime in 2022. A delay is inevitable since most of the production houses have halted filming, owing to the resurgence of the second wave of COVID-19 in Korea.

Was it Love? Cast: Who is in it?

Leading the cast as Noh Ae Jeong is Song Ji Hyo. Ae Jeong is a successful film producer and a single mother to Ha Nee (played by Uhm Chae Young). The ambitious woman has raised her daughter for the last 14 years but then, her life takes an unexpected turn when she is wooed by four men — all at the same time. Son Ho Jun essays the role of Oh Dae Oh, a famous author and a screenwriter of Hollywood movies. Dae Oh is one of Ae Jeong’s suitors.

Song Jong Ho stars as Ryu Jin, a wildly popular actor, who is smitten by Ae Jeong as well. Kim Min Joon portrays Goo Pa Do, a former gangster and the current CEO of a financial company, Nine Capital. Rounding up the list of Ae Jeong’s romantic interests is Koo Ja Sung as Oh Yeon Woo, a physical education instructor at Ha Nee’s school. Kim Da Som stars as Joo Ah Rin, a leading actress with a soft spot for Ryu Jin.

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