Watchmen Episode 8: What to Expect?

The seventh episode of ‘Watchmen’, ‘An Almost Religious Awe’, allows us a better view of the mysteries of the show. As Angela goes through the process of getting back her sense of reality, which had become unhinged after she swallowed all of the pills of which she was supposed to have none, we come to know that Agent Blake’s theory about Chief Crawford and Senator Keene was right. She just didn’t factor in the wife, which is why now she is in trouble. Moreover, we also breathe a sigh of relief when we find out that the Kavalry members, whom we had seen entering Looking Glass’s house in the fifth episode, are all dead. Ozymandias, too, is caught up in his cage. And then, there is the revelation about Dr Manhattan.

Watchmen Episode 8 Release Date

‘Watchmen’ Episode 8 is set to air on December 8 at 9 pm on HBO. You can find all the places where you can stream the show online right here.

With its impeccable storytelling, ‘Watchmen’ has made it difficult for us to wait for Sundays. As if we weren’t already looking forward to weekends! Now, we have to spend all our week wondering where the next episode will take this story. Though there is no point in expecting anything, because whatever we imagine is sure to be surpassed by the writers who have incepted this perplexing world, we can’t help it.

In the beginning, it was difficult to get a handle of things, but after seven episodes we are wiser. The story has a clear direction, and with the next episode titled, ‘A God Walks into a Bar’, we get the joke now. All this time, the limelight had been on Angela. She is the hero of this story. This made her husband ‘s role pale in comparison. But now, it is his time to shine. Turns out, Cal is none other than Dr Manhattan, the superhero god who is supposed to have retired to Mars after helping America win the Vietnam War.

We expect the next episode to focus on his backstory. Though we have a basic idea of what happened, through the very informative commercial that kickstarted the seventh episode, we’ll get to know more about his romance with Angela and how he managed to pass off as a human, letting go of his blueness. Then there is the Kavalry. Looks like, they, too, know Cal’s secret and are right outside the door, waiting for the opportunity to capture him. The showdown between them could serve as the point that unleashes Dr Manhattan in all of his glory. Not to forget, the clock is also ticking for Lady Trieu’s plan to save humanity- the Millennium Clock.

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