Watchmen Episode 9: What to Expect?

The end is here. Well, in a week, actually. HBO’s ‘Watchmen‘, which has proved to be one of the best series of this year, wraps up its story the next week where we expect all the characters to finally come together and fight to save, or destroy, the world. In the eighth episode, titled ‘A God Walks into Abar’, we get to know the backstory of Doctor Manhattan, who had been living in the shadows for the past decade as Calvin Abar, while the rest of the world thought him to be on Mars. He had actually been on Jupiter’s moon, Europa, where he played god and created life from scratch.

Unlike the god from Bible, it took him only 90 seconds. But then, he came back to meet Angela, to fall in love with her and lead to the day when the Kavalry would be standing outside their door, ready to attack. We also come to know how he is tied to Adrian Veidt, as well as to Angela’s grandfather William Reeves. Despite being all-knowing, he doesn’t prevent the tragic manner in which his story ends, because despite being omnipotent, he doesn’t stop the Seventh Kavalry from capturing him. What happens now?

Watchmen Episode 9 Release Date

‘Watchmen’ Episode 9 is set to air on December 15 at 9 pm on HBO. You can find all the places where you can stream the show online right here.

With just one week to go for the final episode of the series, there are still a lot of things that need to be resolved. With every answer that it has provided us, the show has also given us a bunch more to scratch our heads for. But now that almost everything is said and done, now that we know every character intimately, especially whether they are the heroes or the villains, it is time for it to come to a conclusion.

In its finale, we expect all the characters that ‘Watchmen’ has accumulated over the course of 8 weeks to finally be in the same room. Agent Blake and Doctor Manhattan will come face to face, and perhaps, we will get to know their part of the story, too. Now that Angela knows what led William into her life, she will seek him out for help. Lady Trieu, too, will jump in to save the day, and we hope Looking Glass makes an appearance as well.

One thing we know for certain is that Time, once again, plays an important role here. The eighth episode emphasizes on its importance, and the constant ticking in the trailer of the finale hints at it as well. Time and clocks have been employed previously, too, to push the events forward. Not to forget, the Millennium Clock, the billionaire’s invention with which she promises to save humanity.