10 Weirdest Sex Scenes in Sci-Fi Movies

Yeah, you didn’t know the sci-fi genre could home some of the craziest sex scenes ever filmed, did ya? Well, it isn’t that hard a concept to come by if you link sex with a story about space, the future, robots, and everything else that the genre is famous for. Rather than the bedded, human-to-human lovemaking sessions that you see in dramas, mysteries, and other cinema types, the science fiction genre allows the possibilities of the act to be endless, being related to where it’s done, who it’s done with, or even when it’s done.

The calculated placement of the word ‘weirdest’ in the title of this article simply points towards this fact. Now, these do have a couple of problems, I’m willing to admit. They’re not always about stimulation and pleasure. Most of the time, these scenes are included to add humor as well as move the story along. Here is the list of the weirdest and craziest sex scenes from the world of science fiction movies.

10. Avatar (2009)

Oh, man, this is just strange. The fantastically filmed James Cameron feature has a rather peculiar moment midway through its run-time when the characters involved “make love.” It’s not your typical sex scene, though. Here, the act akin to that of riding horses (from a biological standpoint) is used in place of what we’re normally made to view on screen. There are a lot of glowing weeds that hang off trees (of which the Na’vi tribe think with high regard), and Jake and Neytiri grab them and move them about. Though there isn’t much of what we would call physical contact, the act has taken place. It is difficult to explain the science of it all, having to do with a very complex theory that the female love interest in the couple briefs to Worthington’s character. It’s weird, but it isn’t even one of my favorite scenes in the film, so it stays down here on the list.

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9. Saturn 3 (1980)

Nothing beckons me more to include this one on the list than its main players. Sporting the good looks, charm, and physique of Kirk Douglas and Farrah Fawcett, ‘Saturn 3’ is one of the trashier picks on this list. It lacks the class of many films of its type, and it lacks any sense of artistic merit. Obviously looking to cash in on the success of sci-fi features commencing with ‘Star Wars,’ it was critically panned and a box office bomb. Maybe all we have today to celebrate this film is this memorable moment. Keep in mind the age difference between the actors going in. Fawcett was about thirty years younger than the person she was to do it with (not being subtle, Douglas). Harvey Keitel is in on it too, but only around the scene, as opposed to part of the act. Additionally, this was the first picture not to include a nude scene from Keitel, so hey, we have that too.

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8. Battlestar Galactica (2003)

This is a misfire of a reboot and one of the worst cinematic experiences I have ever had in my life, but that doesn’t mean its sex scene is anything but interesting. Unlike most films on here, there is actual intercourse, and most of the moment works like what is considered the norm when it comes to lovemaking. The act takes place between two Cyclons though, and that is where things start to get weird. I mean, it isn’t like they aren’t as human-like as is possible, but there is still something strange about the whole thing. And what’s more, when doing it, their spines start to glow. Though painted with some god-awful lighting and cinematography, we can make out most of the moment through what we see on screen. It isn’t very explicit, but it is something different in a film that may as well be one of the most passable pictures in existence.

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7. The Fly (1986)

This is one of the most popular sci-fi horrors of all time, and if I have to be honest, I wouldn’t lie and tell you that I love it. It isn’t a bad film, nowhere close, but it isn’t all too great either. The sex scene works well because of what we as an audience are made to believe before going in. Now, Goldblum’s character is in a bit of a problem, with an experiment gone horribly wrong, resulting in him slowly changing into a mutant with the characteristics of a fly. With that information, this bit that takes place a little into the transformation sees the man become ever-so-subtly aggressive, making it a rather compulsive moment than others prior to and following it. We’re brought into the moment, fearing the consequences that might come out of such an odd session, which makes it one of the better scenes on the list, technically speaking.

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6. Star Trek: First Contact (1996)

This is one of the few franchise pieces included in the list. It’s not a strange movie by any means. In fact, I enjoy it very much, but this moment, in particular, is odd. It’s when the Borg Queen does her best to try and lure Data into the Collective. It’s peculiar because on one side, we’ve got an alien that does not look human in the slightest (something developed with a little over 8 hours of makeup), and on the other, we’ve got one of the blandest (in character) and emotionless people in the entire Star Trek universe having done sexual favors for. The Borg have their mission set on taking over the enterprise, and a couple of codes (that Data has access to) are required. Though this ensures that the sex scene isn’t dipped in any sort of romantic connection (as most sci-fi scenes of this sort tend to be), it isn’t too hard to be grossed out by.

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5. Splice (2009)

Oh, this is definitely the most abnormal film of the pile raked onto this list. Having to do with two scientists that create an animal-human monster, this absurd horror film sees it evolve as it slowly develops an upper hand over the couple that manufactured it. This includes rape and both physical and mental torture. I know I’m building this picture up to make it sound like something interesting, but it really isn’t. I was bored out of my mind save for a couple of moments… that involved sex. See, the way they go about it here is this strange triangle of lovemaking wherein every one of the main players do it with each other at different times, and sometimes without the knowledge of the party left out. It’s not a treat in any way, and I definitely wouldn’t label it as erotic material, but it is worth checking out nonetheless, just because of how absolutely obnoxious it all is.

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4. Cocoon (1985)

I can’t even begin to explain this scene. It’s creative, for one. Crazy-original, for another. The scene in question takes place in a pool. Party number one is an alien that lacks the ability to have sex using physical contact. She instead relies on psychic pleasure, which sort of means her lovemaking is all in her head… kind of. The thing is, when she is involved in the lovemaking, her body begins to radiate this immensely bright glow. Party number 2 is an average, ordinary human being. He is the victim of the psychic encounter. He glows a strange color as well. However, it’s hard to look past the kind of imaginative mind that might have thought up this bit, it’s also a little awkward, the way it is presented. That’s not a bad thing, but it does make the whole moment feel comical. The fact that it’s all set in a pool, as mentioned earlier, doesn’t really help the situation either.

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3. Species (1995)

One of the most notorious pictures on this list, I’m frankly surprised that a film of this sort was even made. With the strange plot involving a female alien that wishes to have sex with anything in her sight, there’s nothing about it that screams ‘Hollywood Production.’ Alas, that is what it is, and the sex scene in question is so gosh-darn off-putting. Taking place in the pool like the previous entry, the alien has discovered a perfect partner whom she has lured into the wet waters without his consent. Then they go at it, and it’s intense. The hard-R that the picture got isn’t too hard to explain, which gives you a fair idea about the type of lovemaking session you’re going to witness. The funny thing is, it only gets stranger. Suddenly, tentacles appear out of the alien’s body and sort of assist it in doing the deed. Thankfully, through this all, Natasha Henstridge remains quite the eye candy, making a really odd moment entertaining.

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2. Barbarella (1968)

‘Barbarella’ is one of my favorite B movies of all time because there’s so much going on, and it’s all too fun to yank aside. This Jane Fonda-starrer is famous today for its openness towards body showing, sex, and female empowerment. Most fondly remembered for the opening strip scene, the rest of Barbarella is just as good, in my opinion. The people she takes an attraction to are strange, almost-human men, but they’re not the ones who conduct perhaps the most memorable sex scene in the film. It’s a machine Barbarella uses that causes people to have uncontrollable orgasms. Thankfully, it’s no match for her, and in one of the most comical moments in the entire picture (which is saying a lot), it actually breaks flat. Now that’s both strange and hilarious, which is why I’ve ranked it so high up. There simply is nothing like it!

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1. Alien (1979)

To call this a sex scene should be wrong, but there’s no other way to describe it more accurately. Kane is the victim in this strange case of interstellar rape, as he goes to check on an alien vessel, wherein he finds a couple of eggs and a creature called the facehugger. Paying due respect to that name, it wraps itself around Kane’s head in a terrifying scene that has since been parodied and made the subject of several memes. Shocking as it is already, what solidifies this moment’s placement on this list is the fact that Kane is impregnated by the facehugger. An alien egg literally bursts out of the man’s chest as a result of this being’s actions. It is a strange scene for sure, and I had to consider it for a while before putting it on here and giving it the number one spot, but this definitely is the most bizarre sex scene in a sci-fi film.

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