What Can We Expect From Invincible Episode 4?

In the latest episode of ‘Invincible’ season 1, Mark, AKA Invincible, is unsure of himself as he starts to realize the extent of responsibility and danger that comes with being a superhero. However, his romantic life is far from dull. Something seems off about Nolan/Omni-Man, and it looks like Debbie and her husband Nolan are hiding something from one another. Robot may not be who he portrays himself to be. The recap section will help you catch up with what has happened so far in the series. First, let’s get you prepped up for the upcoming episode 4!

Invincible Episode 4 Release Date

‘Invincible’ episode 4 will release on April 2, 2021, at 12 AM ET on Amazon Prime Video. There are eight episodes in season 1. After releasing three episodes together, the show will follow a weekly release pattern, with new episodes landing on the streamer every Friday.

Where to Watch Invincible Episode 4 Online?

You can watch ‘Invincible’ episode 4 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. Since the series is an Amazon Prime original, it is not available on any other streaming platform.

Invincible Episode 4 Spoilers

In the upcoming episode, we will know who the blue-colored prisoner is and if Robot has anything to do with his escape. We will also learn more about Damien Darkblood’s investigation and whether he finds anything substantial against Nolan/Omni-Man. While Mark and Amber are together, Eve seems heartbroken. We will also find out if things start to change between Mark and Eve, AKA Atom Eve.

Invincible Episode 3 Recap

The third episode of the series is titled ‘Who You Calling Ugly?’ In this episode, we see that Nolan is ready to move on from the tragedy of losing his team members from The Guardians of the Globe, which seems rather odd. In a conversation with Debbie, he even refers to them as co-workers and not friends, which leaves Debbie shocked. However, Nolan is unaware that Damien Darkblood suspects him to be responsible for the attack on the premiere superhero team.

On the other hand, we see Mark is looking forward to his study date with Amber. However, in an unexpected turn of events, his duty as a superhero requires him to deal with an emergency at Mount Rushmore, where Doc Seismic is wreaking havoc. Left with no choice, Mark bails on Amber to do what his superhero self, Invincible, needs to do. He is joined by Atom Eve, and the duo saves the day. But when Mark returns home, Amber is still there and is annoyed that he left her alone for almost an hour.

Earlier, we had seen that Eve catches Rex cheating on her with Dupli-Kate. Even though he later apologizes and tells her that he loves her, Eve does not want to hear a thing. Instead, she goes to Mark’s place but finds him with Amber, so she leaves. Elsewhere in some prison, we see a blue-colored prisoner take help from his clone to escape. After the two make it out of prison, the clone uses the original prisoner as a shield against the mechanized security weapons that kill him. The clone survives and escapes. It is implied that Robot may have something to do with this prison break.

The episode ends with Damien Darkblood visiting Nolan/Omni-Man’s home, where he meets Debbie. Damien manages to convey that he suspects her husband in the case regarding the Guardians of the Globe and vanishes as soon as he hears Nolan. Debbie pretends as if nothing happened, but Nolan gets the feeling that she is hiding something.

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