What If Episode 3: What to Expect?

‘What If…?’ has taken a visually different approach to the MCU with its slick animation, but the core objective remains to tell heartfelt stories featuring Marvel Comics characters. The second episode of the show reimagines T’Challa, the Crown Prince of Wakanda as an intergalactic explorer who goes by the name Star-Lord. If you wish to refresh your memory about the episode’s events, you can head to the recap section. Folks looking for all the juicy details of the upcoming episode, allow us to guide you through all the necessary information regarding ‘What If…?’ episode 3.

What If…? Episode 3 Release Date

‘What If…?’ episode 3 will release on August 25, 2021, at 3 am EST on Disney+. The show’s debut season comprises nine episodes which are approximately 30 minutes in length. Fresh episodes of the show drop on the service every Wednesday.

Where to Watch What If…? Episode 3 Online?

To watch ‘What If…?’ episode 3 online, head to Disney+. The series is a Disney+ Original, and a subscription to the service is mandatory to watch the episodes.

What If…? Episode 3 Spoilers

Episode 3 of ‘What If…?’ will reimagine Loki’s arrival on Earth in a fun and unique way. It is likely that Loki will pretend to be the King of Asgard. He could try more diplomatic methods to take over the earth compared to his usual hostile tactics. This is likely to affect the formation of the Avengers, and someone could intend to take out the heroes before they can unite as a team. Thus, setting up an enticing murder mystery. Fan-favorite characters such as Nick Fury, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Bruce Banner/Hulk, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Agent Phil Coulson, and Thor could also make an appearance.

What If…? Episode 2 Recap

‘What If…?’ episode 2 titled ‘What If… T’Challa Became a Star-Lord’ shows the Ravagers led by Yondu abducting T’Challa by mistake. T’Challa’s desire to explore the world outside Wakanda leads him to join Yondu and the Ravagers. Years later, T’Challa is an intergalactic outlaw known as Star-Lord (a title Peter Quill holds in the main continuity). In T’Challa’s company, the Ravagers have reformed and save dying planets. Thanos has also given up on his plan to eliminate half of life across the universe and joined the Ravagers.

Thanos’ daughter Nebula approaches T’Challa with a heist plan to steal the Embers of Genesis, a cosmic nutrient capable of terraforming entire ecosystems. Realizing the amount of good that can be achieved with the Embers, T’Challa and the Ravagers plan to steal it from Taneleer Tivan/The Collector. However, Nebula double-crosses T’Challa and hands him over to The Collector.

As The Collector tries to induct T’Challa into his collection, Nebula rescues the Ravagers. She reveals that the double-cross was a part of T’Challa’s plan, and she has already stolen the Embers. Thanos and Nebula fight The Collector’s security while T’Challa and Yondu team up against The Collector. T’Challa, Yondu, Nebula, Thanos, and the Ravagers safely escape after defeating The Collector and his forces. T’Challa decides to return to Earth and reunites with his real family. Elsewhere, Ego comes to Earth in search of his son, Peter Quill.

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