What If Episode 7 Release Date and Spoilers

‘What If…?’ has not only managed to create a niche for itself with its clever use of the animated format but also crafts fresh stories from familiar narratives. The sixth episode of the show, in particular, is the most nuanced one yet as it takes a look at the morality of one of the most complex villains of the ‘MCU.’ The irony is this exploration is facilitated by one of the universe’s greatest superheroes, Tony Stark.

However, in this reality, Tony Stark does not go down the path of becoming Iron Man. When the Ten Rings terrorist organization attacks him in Afghanistan, Tony is saved by Lieutenant Erik “Killmonger” Stevens. Friendship blossoms between the two as they work towards their shared goal of world peace. Killmonger secretly has other plans. He ends up killing Tony, James Rhodes, and T’Challa and usurps the throne of Wakanda.

With all the power at his disposal, Killmonger sets out to enact his misguided sense of justice on the world and provides a stark (pun intended!) reminder of what can happen if power falls into the wrong hands. If you enjoyed the morally compelling and politically nuanced episode, you must be looking for details about the next installment. In that case, allow us to share everything we know about ‘What If…?’ episode 7.

What If…? Episode 7 Release Date

‘What If…?’ episode 7 will release on September 22, 2021, at 3 am EST on Disney+. The show’s debut season contains nine episodes, with a runtime of approximately 30 minutes each. New episodes of the show land on the service on a weekly basis every Wednesday.

Where to Watch What If…? Episode 7 Online?

You can watch ‘What If…?’ episode 7 online on Disney+. The upcoming episode will become available to subscribers of the service starting from the date and time specified above. The series is a Disney+ Original and cannot be streamed outside of the platform.

What If…? Episode 7 Spoilers

The seventh episode of ‘What If…?’ is expected to be a reimagining of Thor’s arrival on earth. The episode was originally expected to be the fifth one but was likely rescheduled with ‘What If…Zombies!?‘ premiering instead. The new episode will focus on an alternate reality version of Thor known as Party Thor.

In this universe, Odin likely never adopts Loki, and therefore, Thor never has a brother. With all of Asgard singing his praise, he becomes more cocky and rash than his main continuity counterpart. After committing an act of war against the Frost Giants, Odin will most likely banish Thor to earth, as seen in his solo film. However, in this reality, Thor might not be stripped of his Asgardian strength.

As a result, Thor will become a celebrity on earth and a total party animal earning the moniker of Party Thor. He might attempt to throw the biggest party earth has ever seen. However, his actions will have a domino effect on the rest of the universe and doom this reality. Party Thor must regain his worthiness and save his reality from getting wiped out of existence.

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