What is Benjamin Bradley’s Net Worth?

Benjamin Bradley is the titular “Mr. Christmas” from the holiday-themed Netflix Original series ‘Holiday Home Makeover With Mr. Christmas’. The series follows Benjamin and his team as they transform clients’ homes from dull, drab interiors into chic, warm, and festive spaces, all in just two days. But believe it or not, this is Benjamin’s first tryst with reality television. Yes, the man who seems so effortlessly confident, spreading Christmas cheer with so much style and aplomb, has never been a reality TV star. He has been a successful and well-known interior designer for almost 25 years before his foray into reality TV.

Although Benjamin Bradley’s exact date of birth is not known, he seems to be somewhere in his early to mid-40s, if we had to take a gander. Benjamin, of part-German ancestry, was born and raised in the town of Boonville, in the heart of Indiana. He attended Boonville High School and then Purdue University before moving to New York for further studies. He graduated with honors in interior design from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. His family all still live in Boonville and Evansville. Benjamin remembers being all about the holidays even as a young boy. As a kid, he once dragged a dead Christmas tree back to his house because he wanted to decorate it all over again. His enthusiasm for Christmas decor and holiday-themed interiors is infectious. Curious to know how much Benjamin Bradley is worth and how he amassed his fortune? We’ve got all the information right here.

How Did Benjamin Bradley Make His Money?

Benjamin moved to New York from Indiana some 27 years ago and he has been living and thriving there ever since. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, with an honors degree in interior design, Benjamin began his career by roaming flea markets and antique stores, buying any holiday-themed decor that he could find. He soon entered into a business partnership and started the company “Bradley and Thiergartner Interiors” which he ran as co-founder and designer for 19 years before leaving the successful venture in 2013.

He departed from his partnership business in 2013 to establish his own design company “E and Co. Home”, a full-service interior design firm that transforms their clients’ living spaces into stylish and comfortable quarters, working within the provided budget to inject their customers’ homes with chic cheer and palpable warmth. His company’s office is located in Manhattan, at 12 East 97, New York, NY 10029. Even with the Netflix series ‘Holiday Home Makeover With Mr. Christmas’ bringing in good cash, his own New York-based business remains Benjamin’s primary source of income.

Benjamin Bradley Net Worth

Reportedly, Benjamin Bradley’s net worth as of 2020 is estimated to be $3 million. Apart from owning his successful interior design firm, Benjamin also co-owns a 6-room pre-war home in Carnegie Hill, New York. He apparently shares this home in Carnegie Hill with his partner, makeup artist Bruce Wayne, and their pet dog named Ebenezer. Now that he’s made his debut on Netflix, Benjamin’s popularity and success are bound to be on an upward trajectory, hopefully boosting his net worth even more.

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