What is Karina Seabrook’s Net Worth?

Daughter of ‘Mob Wives’ star Karen Gravano and Grandaughter of Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, Karina has always lived quite a lavish life. Born on July 7, 2019, Karina Seabrook is known for being a TV personality. Only a year after she was born, her father, David Seabrook, and grandfather Sammy went to prison for working together to sell ecstasy pills. Since her parents weren’t married at that time and parted ways when she was just ten years old, Karina lived with her father for four years in Arizona and then moved to New York to be with her mom.

Karina’s Personal Life

Karina is currently 20 years old and in a long term relationship with her boyfriend Paulie Fusco. They debuted their relationship on MTVs show ‘Made in Staten Island.’

karina and paulieEveryone, including Karina’s own mother, thought that their relationship was quite toxic due to Paulie’s short temper and disapproved of their relationship. The couple also had troubles when Karina decided that she wanted to go to college, but they’ve managed to make things work and are still happily together.

How Did Karina Seabrook Earn her Money?

Karina first made her TV appearance alongside her mother in 2011 with the VH1’s hit series ‘Mob Wives.’ The show is a reality series based on the lives of seven wives whose husbands went to prison for their involvement with the mob. Karina later went on to join the cast of MTV’s short-lived show ‘Made in Staten Island’ in 2019. The show was described as “Mob Wives for the MTV crowd” and followed the life of eight young adults, including Karina, as they tried to avoid the influence of organized crime.


Karina is also a model. She made her runway debut in 2019 with New York Summer Fashion Week, where she had the opportunity to walk for Aude Swim, Fashion Frenzy ATL, Rene Dieu, Videmus Omnia, and Jus10H. Karina Seabrook is also the star of MTV’s newest reality show ‘Families of the Mafia,’ a show where Karina and her mom, the Gravano family, along with four other families, are documenting what it’s like to live with ties to the mafia.

What is Karina Seabrook’s Net Worth in 2020?

Thanks to her reality TV and modeling career, Karina Seabrook’s net worth as of 2020 is close to $1 million.

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