What Is Kevin Kreider’s Net Worth?

Kevin Kreider, from Netflix’s ‘Bling Empire,’ is unlike anyone else in the ‘Crazy Rich Asians’-comes-to-life group. Although he works as a model and is genuinely a part of Los Angeles’ hip and happening industry, he comes from humble beginnings – adopted from Korea and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. However, what he lacks in finances and knowledge about his own background, he makes up for with his flirty and fun-loving attitude.

As a new member of the group, with Kane Lim as his best friend, Kevin spent most of his time learning how to navigate life in the affluent society that he has somehow found himself in. And yet, the best part remained that no matter how many parties he attended, he could never stop being amazed at the crazy expenses and others’ luxurious ways. So, if you, like us, are now curious about how Kevin himself accumulated his worth, we’ve got you covered.

How Did Kevin Kreider Earn His Money?

As a child growing up in a predominantly white community, Kevin Kreider was bullied for his slender Asian physique and overall looks. This traumatic experience prompted him to take his destiny into his own hands, from where he developed an interest in body-building as well as the health and wellness industry – which is where he currently still works. At first, Kevin served only as a fitness trainer. But when he realized that there was a scope for men like him in the entertainment industry, he decided he wanted to become a fitness model and dropped a few pounds of muscles to fit into the required clothes.

Subsequently, Kevin got signed with Wilhelmina, one of America’s largest and most successful modeling agencies, and landed appearances in not just print media but in commercials, television, and films as well. Since 2008, Kevin’s work has taken him to five different countries across three continents, and as time goes on, that number is only expected to increase. Though, we should mention that Kevin never stopped working as a wellness influencer/lifestyle coach as he rose to fame a few years ago when his TedX talk about struggles with identity, health, and heritage went viral.

Kevin Kreider’s Net Worth

Kevin Kreider is a well-known model, coach, and speaker, who not only was the point of focus in the 2019 documentary movie ‘The Ugly Model’ but is now also the CEO of his own company in Los Angeles by the name of Taejin Entertainment LLC. According to his website, Kevin has since moved on from his own issues and is now focusing on helping others with their personal growth, providing individual coaching, online courses for nutrition, and different fitness programs. Therefore, his net worth, which some might assume to be not much, is actually estimated to be around $10 million as of 2021.

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