What to Expect From Leverage: Redemption Episode 9?

Created by Chris Downey and John Rogers, ‘Leverage: Redemption’ is the revival of the popular TNT series called ‘Leverage.’ In season 1, Sophie, Parker, Eliot, Spencer, and Alec come together once again. They are joined by a corporate lawyer called Harry, and Hardison’s foster sister Breanna, who is a mechanical engineer and a highly skilled hacker. In the eighth episode of season 1, the Leverage team recalls things from their past when a non-fiction book about them comes to light. Our recap section will jog your memory of the eighth episode. But first, we want to share with you all the information you require before episode 9 hits your screen.

Leverage: Redemption Episode 9 Release Date

The ninth episode of ‘Leverage: Redemption’ is scheduled to release sometime in Fall 2021. The 16-episode freshman season is divided into two halves. The first eight episodes landed simultaneously on July 9, 2021, at 12 am ET on IMDb TV. The episodes have a runtime of 44-54 minutes each.

Where to Watch Leverage: Redemption Episode 9?

You can watch the ninth episode of season 1 on IMDb TV. You can access IMDb TV through the official IMDb website, Amazon Prime Video, and Amazon Fire services. The 2021 reboot of ‘Leverage’ is the first major original show for the streamer.

Leverage: Redemption Episode 9 Spoilers

In the ninth episode, we might see the Leverage team take on a new task and use their wits and skills to bring down another rich criminal. Apart from the core team, one more person knows all about their antics- the Nate impersonator. Therefore, the Leverage team might grow by one more member.

Leverage: Redemption Episode 8 Recap

In the episode titled, ‘The Mastermind Job,’ it is revealed that someone has written a book calledThe Mastermind: A Team of Criminals Take Down the Criminally Rich,’ which seems to be about the Leverage team’s experiences. The narrator of the book refers to themself as “The Mastermind,” implying that the book has been written from Nathan Ford AKA Nate’s point of view. However, Sophie is not mentioned in the book at all, and she is deeply hurt by that. Parker and Eliot are also disappointed because of the way they have been portrayed.

As it turns out, the person posing as Nate is actually a former employee of Nate Ford’s old company. Apparently, Nate used to share with him all the things that the team did, which is why he knows everything in such detail. When an influential person called Navid gets his hands on the advance copy of the book, he forces the Nate impersonator to steal a valuable artifact from his ex-wife. To assert his demand more strongly, Navid kidnaps Harry. This sequence of events compels the Leverage team to pull off another heist, but in the end, they manage to bring Navid to justice.

In this episode, the Nate impersonator finds his superpower, which is the ability to put people to sleep. He also agrees not to publish the book, as it might cause further trouble. In the closing moments of the episode, Sophie asks him to sign her copy of the book using his real name, which is revealed to be Milton Friedlander.

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