What’s Manifest Season 4 Release Date on Netflix?

Manifest‘ is a supernatural drama series that revolves around the passengers of Montego Air Flight 828 that reappears nearly five years after it went missing. Soon, the passengers develop special abilities and search for answers regarding the mysterious phenomenon that occurred during their flight. It is created by Jeff Rake and first premiered in 2018. The series received an average critical reception, but its intriguing plotlines and interpersonal drama engaged the audience.

However, more recently, question marks have been raised on the show’s future. Fans have been worried that they won’t be able to see an organic ending to the story, especially after the cliffhanger ending of season 3. Here’s everything you need to know about ‘Manifest’ season 4 that is set to release on Netflix.

Manifest Season 4 Netflix Release Date

‘Manifest’ season 3 arrived on August 21, 2021, on Netflix. The third consists of 13 episodes that have a runtime of 42-49 minutes each.

Prior to hitting Netflix, the third season aired on NBC from April to June 2021. On June 14, 2021, four days after the season 3 finale aired, NBC canceled the series. The same day creator Jeff Rake tweeted that he hoped to find a new home for the show and started the #SaveManifest movement.

The first two seasons of ‘Manifest’ dropped on Netflix on June 2021 and became an instant hit with the platform’s users. The series became one of the most streamed shows on the service, and many speculated that the streaming giant would provide new life to the show.

On June 21, 2021, talks between Netflix and Warner Bros. Television (the show’s parent studio) about continuing the series broke down. Rake continued to provide fans with hope, and the possibility of wrapping up the series with a film was also floated around.

A month later, Warner Bros. Television and NBC rediscussed the possibility of renewing the series for a fourth season. The parties finally reached an agreement on August 28, 2021, with Netflix giving the series a fourth season order. The new season will also be the show’s last and will contain 20 episodes that will be released in various parts. Additionally, the new deal gives Netflix the international streaming rights to the series. However, an official release date for season 4 hasn’t been announced just yet.

Along with the news of the show’s renewal, it was also reported that actors Melissa Roxburgh and Josh Dallas would be returning for the final season with other cast members in negotiation to reprise their roles. Rake had initially envisioned the series as a six-season story. Therefore, the creator and writing team will have to rework the story and craft a compelling final season and a satisfying ending.

As a result, it could take a while before the new season begins production. However, since the final season will drop in parts, we will likely see new episodes as soon as a bunch of them are produced. Therefore, the first batch of episodes of ‘Manifest’ season 4 could release in Q3 2022 on Netflix.

The fourth and final season will likely resolve the cliffhanger ending of season 3 by providing answers about Bily Daly disappearing with the plane’s parts and the reappearance of Cal as a teenager. Both plot threads could reveal more about the true nature of Flight 828 passengers and the meaning behind their abilities.

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