When Will ‘When Calls the Heart’ S06 Release On Netflix?

When Calls the Heart‘ is one of Hallmark’s most popular shows, which is currently airing the seventh season. Fans of the series are continuously amazed by the tales woven, and cannot wait to catch up with the latest episode. Many of these fans rely on streaming services to watch ‘When Calls the Heart’.

Since Netflix is one of the most popular streamers, and one which has the past five seasons of ‘When Calls the Heart’, you might be wondering about when Season 6 of the series is headed to Netflix. We have got you covered in that regard.

When Calls the Heart Season 6 Netflix Release Date:

Since Season 7 has already started airing, many fans have taken to social media, wondering when it will drop on Netflix. However, before Season 7, many have been left wondering when Season 6 is headed to the streaming platform. For now, there is no official news of when ‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 6 is going to air on Netflix.

That being said, in the absence of official confirmation, we can still make a pretty educated guess of when you will get to see the show on the platform. This can easily be done by seeing the pattern of release of the previous seasons. The finale of ‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 4 aired on Hallmark in April 2017, and the season was made available on Netflix in December 2017.

As for Season 5 of ‘When Calls the Heart’, it concluded in April 2018, specifically, the 22nd. Once wrapped up, the season arrived on Netflix by late December 2018. Fans didn’t waste any time catching up, as Season 6 released on February 24, 2019, on Hallmark Channel. The season wrapped up on June 2, 2019. Normally, the pattern suggests that the season arrives on Netflix within 8 months of wrapping up on Hallmark Channel.

By that logic, Season 6 should have arrived by February 2020. However, it is now March, and according to the list put up by Netflix, for the month, ‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 6 is not going to be available for streaming, this month either. Therefore, it is likely that ‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 6 will become available for streaming by April 2020.

While fans of the show can definitely watch up to Season 5, to stay up to date, it is notable that Netflix often does not announce the release dates of non-Netflix Originals, beforehand. Thus, it will become clear, once the list for April releases on Netflix comes out, whether hearties will get to stream Season 6 without further delay.

As for ‘When Calls the Heart’ fans around the world, Season 6 is already available to stream internationally. Season 6 has been available from January 31, 2020. A post from the ‘When Calls the Heart’ Instagram page refers to this, asking international hearties to declare which countries can stream the series. Responses have come in from the Philippines, Portugal, South Africa, Chile, Italy, Japan, Brazil, and Australia. You can check out the post below.


Therefore, while Season 6 of ‘When Calls the Heart’ has not released for Netflix US yet, there is no denying that the wait might almost be over for the fans.

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