When Does The World of the Married Episode 5 Come Out?

‘The World of the Married’ is just one more Korean-Drama show that you have to add to your must-watch list. Based on the British television series ‘Doctor Foster,’ this series has been breaking all viewership records. With a Korean nationwide rating of 13.9% and the Seoul rating of 16.26%, episode 4 of ‘The World of the Married’ is the highest-rated episode till now. And, as the series progresses, the ratings are only expected to go up.

‘The World of the Married’ revolves around Ji Sun-Woo – a self-made woman who specializes in family medicine – as she tries to deal with the truth behind her marriage. She seemed to have it all, from a successful career to a happy family, but now that she’s been betrayed, she wonders if any of it was real.

In the previous episodes, we saw everything from Ji Sun-Woo suspecting her husband, Lee Tae-Oh, of having an affair, to her playing detective, to her eventually finding out the truth. We’ve even witnessed her in her work environment and seen how she interacts with her friends and patients alike. To add to all the drama, we saw a pregnancy be involved in the story-line as well. Lee Tae-Oh admittance of loving both his girlfriend and his wife, finding out about him taking money against their family home from the bank, and Sun-Woo’s recent involvement with Son Je-Hyuk all add to the uncertainty of the characters’ futures.

With the last episode revealing Ji Sun-Woo’s decision to take revenge on her husband by leaving him: just him, not her home or her family, and “cheating” on him, we’re excited to see where episode five of this fast-paced series leads next.

The World of the Married Episode 5 Release Date: When Does it Premiere?

‘The World of the Married’ or ‘Couple’s World’ episode 5 is scheduled to release on April 10, 2020, at 22:50 KST, i.e., 6:50 AM PT. The show will release two new episodes every Friday and Saturday at the same time slot and will wind up with its 16th episode on May 16, 2020.

Where to Watch The World of the Married Episode 5 Online?

You can stream ‘The World of the Married’ on Viu with English subtitles after it has been released in Korea. This means that it’s available only to certain Southeast Asian regions.

The World of the Married Episode 5 Spoilers

Episode 5 is expected to revolve around the consequences of Sun-Woo’s decision to take revenge on her husband and his girlfriend, Da-Kyung. Other characters’ like Joon-Young, Ye-Rim, Je-Hyuk, and Byung-Gyu, and their involvement with the main plot-line would have a huge role in determining how the story unravels.

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