When Will All American Season 4 Release?

All American’ is a terrific sports-drama TV series that has been enthralling audiences ever since its premiere in 2018. Inspired by the life of African-American professional football player Spencer Paysinger, the series stars Daniel Ezra in the lead role of Spencer James, based on Paysinger. The show charts football player Spencer’s journey from his childhood in South Central Los Angeles to his teenage days and how he navigates life in a privileged high school after coming from humble beginnings.

Created by April Blair, the series has been praised for its outstanding performances, fantastic writing, and captivating story. ‘All American’ has enjoyed a successful three-season run and has gathered quite a dedicated fanbase. With season 3 now ended, fans have been anxious to know if and when the show will return to TV screens. Let’s find out, shall we?

All American Season 4 Release Date

‘All American’ season 4 is scheduled to premiere on October 25, 2021, on The CW. Although the network hasn’t confirmed the number of episodes in the fourth season, new episodes will reportedly drop at 8 pm ET on Mondays.

Owing to its massive following, viewership, and acclaimed critical response, it is no surprise that the network decided to renew the show for season 4. On February 3, 2021, The CW confirmed their speculation and announced that ‘All American’ will be back for a fourth outing. With Covid-19 playing a role in messing up production schedules, The CW decided to offer some stability to the production teams to map out ahead, which most likely sped up the announcement for season 4.

The network also announced the renewal of a host of other shows but confirmed that they remain dedicated in their endeavor to deliver the best to their fans. Moreover, with the release date of the fourth installment just over 3 months after the conclusion of the third season, it seems like the COVID-19 situation is under control for the production team as they strive to bring the much-loved TV series to our screens.

Additionally, fans have more reasons to celebrate as the network even greenlit a spinoff series titled ‘All American: Homecoming.’ Set at Bringston University, it is a sports drama series that focuses on the lives of a tennis player and an elite baseball player.

All American Season 4 Cast: Who can be in it?

Even though the cast has not been confirmed, it looks like most of the main characters will be back for the fourth outing. Apart from lead actor Daniel Ezra playing the role of Spencer James, we might also witness the return of Michael Evans Behling as Jordan Baker, Greta Onieogou as Layla Keating, Cody Christian as Asher Adams, Bre-Z as Tamia “Coop” Cooper, and Jalyn Hall as Dillon James.

Other characters expected to return are Samantha Logan as Jordan’s twin, Olivia, Karimah Westbrook as Spencer and Dillon’s mother, Grace James, Chelsea Tavares as Coop’s love interest, Patience, Taye Diggs as coach Billy Baker, and Monét Mazur as his wife, Laura Fine-Baker. The fourth season might also include new actors in the cast.

All American Season 4 Plot: What can it be About?

Season 3 ends on a massive cliffhanger right before the big game between rivals Beverly and Crenshaw. The teams get into a fight over the speculations about Spencer leaking Crenshaw’s strategies. The show also leaves a huge question mark on the fates of other characters, with Asher learning about his heart condition – cardiomyopathy, which will not allow him to play football ever again.

Elsewhere we see Layla finally getting through to Carrie and even agreeing to travel to Tahoe. However, their fate hangs in the balance as Carrie writes a suicide note for Layla’s father, hinting they might both take their own lives. However, Coop’s fate carries the biggest cliffhanger of the season as we see her get set up by Mo, who plants weed in the tour bus. The altercation ends in a shootout, and the finale ends on the shocking scene of Coop bleeding from a gunshot wound.

With most characters’ futures hanging in the balance, it looks like season 4 will pick up exactly from the ending of its predecessor. In the upcoming season, we might get to witness the outcome of the game between Beverly and Crenshaw and find out if Spencer can be free of the accusations against him. Moreover, the season will also focus on Spencer, who is now selected to play in the All-American game and is dating Olivia.

Season 4 will most likely touch upon the fates of Carrie and Layla while also focusing on Asher and his struggle against the heart condition that is crushing his dreams. Additionally, after that heart-breaking final shot, fans are anxious to know if Coop is okay and what lies in store for her next. With numerous character arcs to tie up and exciting events on the horizon, the fourth season of ‘All American’ is sure to be a treat for fans.

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