When Will Appare-Ranman Season 2 Come Out?

‘Appare Ranman’ centers on the titular character, Appare, a genius inventor. Although he lives in a small Japanese town, he has big dreams of building steamships and traveling to the moon someday. Through a series of mundane events, Appare finds himself stranded in the middle of the sea along with a samurai name Kosame. Luckily for the two, a large sailing vessel rescues them and drops them off at Los Angeles. While seeking a job to sustain himself in the big city, Appare sets his eyes on the renowned “Trans-America Wild Race.” Hoping that he can win the race and get his hands on its hefty cash prize, Appare builds an automobile. But with racers from all over the world competing against him, how far will Appare go?

‘Appare Ranman’ made waves when it first premiered. But soon, after suffering from a sudden hiatus, it was forgotten by many. The ones who were fortunate enough to stick to it will very well know that it’s this season’s hidden gem. Replete with creativity and strong characters, ‘Appare Ranman’ is the perfect blend of steampunk style, wild west setting, and samurai action. If you haven’t watched it yet, put it on top of your watch list. For those who have watched its first season, here are all the details of its season 2.

Appare Ranman Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Appare Ranman’ season 1 premiered on April 10, 2020. With a total of 13 episodes, it finished airing on September 25, 2020. Because of its zany characters and wacky animation style, ‘Appare Ranman’ has been received well by many viewers and has also acquired fairly average ratings on most anime platforms. However, like many other anime that came out this season, its runtime was hindered by several sporadic hiatus because of the ongoing pandemic. So it is possible that its overall commercial numbers took a hit because of the intermittent breaks.

When it comes to its second season, no official announcements have been made yet. We suspect that ‘Appare-Ranman’ will be another one of P.A. Works Studio’s one-season wonders because the studio rarely renews any of its anime. Even the greatest hits of the studio—including ‘Charlotte‘ and ‘Angel Beats‘—still only have single one-cour seasons. So if only ‘Appare Ranman’ does exceptionally well from a commercial standpoint, it might have a chance of receiving a sequel in the future.

In an unlikely scenario, if the creators of the show decide to continue its run, we can expect ‘Appare Ranman’ Season 2 to release sometime in 2022 or later. Since it is an original anime, the creators of the show will have the liberty to take its storyline in any direction they want. But then again, most original anime never get second seasons, so we’ll just have to wait and see if this one’s an expectation.

Where to Watch Appare Ranman English Dub Online?

The first season of ‘Appare-Ranman’ is available on Funimation and Hulu with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

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