When Will Golden Kamuy Season 4 Release?

Based on a manga series written and illustrated by Satoru Noda, ‘Golden Kamuy’ is a TV anime about war, lasting enmities, trauma, and personal desire that eventually morphs into greed. It revolves around Saichi Sugimoto, a former soldier in the Japanese Imperial Army, who returns from the Russo-Japanese War to take care of the family of a fallen comrade. When he first hears about the legendary trove of Ainu gold, he doesn’t believe it. He discovers that the map to the treasure has been depicted in the tattoos of certain criminals. Sugimoto later teams up with an Ainu girl named Asirpa to look for the gold.

The anime originally premiered on April 9, 2018, and has since garnered widespread critical acclaim. It has also received adoration from its fans, who are spread all over the world. With the conclusion of the most recent season, many of you must be wondering when the next one is going to come out. Here is what we know about it.

Golden Kamuy Season 4 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘Golden Kamuy’ season 3 premiered on October 5, 2020, and aired 12 episodes plus the seasonal OVA, before concluding on December 21, 2020. As for season 4, the producers, Geno Studio, hasn’t released any statement on the subject yet. But considering the show’s immense international popularity, it’s only a matter of time before it’s renewed for another season. season 2 and 3 premiered almost two years apart from each other. Even if the COVID pandemic does cause some delay, it might not hinder the producers’ overall plans. ‘Golden Kamuy’ season 4 could release sometime in late 2022.

Golden Kamuy Season 4 Plot: What Can it be About?

Season 3 of ‘Golden Kamuy’ adapted several arcs of the original manga series, including the Journey to ‘Karafuto Arc’ (chapters 139 to 147), ‘Youichirou the Manslayer Arc’ (chapters 148 to 154), ‘Karafuto Circus Arc’ (chapters 155 to 158), ‘Border Crossing Arc’ (chapters 159 to 170), ‘Pet Monster Arc’ (Chapters 171 to 176), ‘Akou Prison Break Arc’ (chapters 177 to 190), and ‘Return to Karafuto Arc’ (chapters 191 to chapters 200). The early episodes of season 4 might be based on the remaining chapters of the ‘Return to Karafuto Arc’. Sugimoto and Asirpa had a tearful reunion in the penultimate episode of season 3. After Kiroranke’s defeat in Koito’s hands, Asirpa says her farewell to the Ainu revolutionary before his death. The next season might focus on Sugimoto, Asirpa, and the rest of the group as they head back to a Karafuto Ainu village and later to Hokkaido.

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