When Will Holey Moley Return to ABC?

Created by Chris Culvenor, ABC’s sports reality competition series ‘Holey Moley’ is a wholesome sports entertainment. Set in an oversized miniature golf course, it is an elimination tournament in which participants go head-to-head for a spot in the next round. The show premiered on ABC on June 20, 2019. Basketball player Stephen Curry is prominently involved in the production, serving as its executive producer as well as a presenter and resident golf pro. The second season of the show is currently airing, with growing speculations about a possible season three. Let us find out if there will be a third season. And if so, when is it coming out?

Holey Moley Season 3 Release Date

Holey Moley season 2 premiered on May 21, 2020, and came to an end on August 13, 2020.

With all the popularity that the show has gained, there will most likely be at least one more season. Moreover, Curry is a huge draw. His association with the series ensures that it will always have more than adequate media attention. The show will probably go into production at some point after the ongoing season ends. One can expect Holey Moley season 3 to release in May 2021.

Holey Moley Hosts

Aside from Curry, the show has managed to rope in some other big names to serve as its presenters. Play-by-play commentary is done by ABC and ESPN sportscaster Joe Tessitore, while actor and comedian Rob Riggle does the color commentary. Television personality Jeannie Mai has been brought in to interview the contestants and report from the sidelines. All of them are expected to return in season three.

What is Holey Moley About?

In October 2018, ABC revealed their plans of making a reality show about miniature golf. The news of Curry’s association with the project was made public together with the official confirmation about the show. Both seasons have been filmed at Sable Ranch in Santa Clarita, California, a location where FOX’s ‘Utopia’ and ABC’s ‘Wipeout’ were previously shot. In each episode of the first season, 12 contestants battled it out in an oversized miniature golf obstacle course. The first two rounds were knockout rounds, with the third and final being a three-way match for the ‘Mt. Holey Moley’ hole. The prizes for the winner included ‘The Golden Putter’ trophy, a ‘Holey Moley’ plaid jacket, and a $25,000.

In the second season, this format has been changed, and the prize money has been increased 10 times. Eight instead of 12 mini-golfers participate in each episode. While the first two rounds are kept the same, the third round has been turned into a head-to-head matchup as well.

Looking at this trajectory, it’s easy to guess that there will be more changes introduced in season three. Expect a more complicated course and a bigger pot.

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