When Will Monster Musume no Oishasan Season 2 Come Out?

Rightfully tagged as Ecchi, ‘Monster Girl Doctor’ is replete with lewd scenes of monster girls. While that can be a bit of a turn off for many viewers, the anime might fascinate others with its impressive world-building. With each episode, it delves into the origins and roles of its diverse monster characters and also brings a feel-good vibe to their backstories. So clearly, ‘Monster  Girl Doctor’ is a lot more than your regular fare of guilty-pleasure Ecchi anime that relentlessly use fan service only to please a certain demographic.

Since it’s a creation of a fairly new studio, it isn’t bereft of flaws. However, it’s appreciable how it balances out its character development with its fan service moments. So if you’re still a little apprehensive about this one, you might want to give it a shot. For those who have watched its first season, here are all the details of its season 2.

Monster Girl Doctor Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Monster Girl Doctor’ season 1 premiered on July 12, 2020, and with a total of 12 episodes, it finished airing on September 27, 2020. It’s another addition to the long roster of Ecchi anime shows that have come out this season and happens to be Arvo Animation Studio’s first standalone project. Although not as popular as most other mainstream anime, ‘Monster Girl Doctor’ landed its place among the most viewed anime of this season.

Following a monster-of-the-week narrative structure, the anime has been appreciated for its simplistic storyline, decent art, and well-written characters. However, its overall ratings are still barely mediocre on most platforms because many viewers initially assumed that its a “Monster Musume” spin-off. Well, regardless of what viewers presumed it to be, its chances of getting renewed could take a major hit because of all the negative reviews.

Compared to its original light novels, the anime skips many world-building elements to fit the original storyline in its flaccid 12-episode runtime. Even with this approach, the entire first season only covers close to 3 volumes of the source. Since eight volumes of the light novels have already been published, and new volumes are also underway, the creators of the anime have a lot of content to work with.

Not to mention, the author of the light novels also released a “Volume 0” prequel for the series, which could be adapted into OVAs or special episodes. But despite the availability of enough content, it seems less likely that ‘Monster Girl Doctor’ will ever return in the future. Unless, of course, more viewers decide to give it a chance. If, in an unlikely scenario, Arvo Animation Studio renews it, we can expect ‘Monster Girl Doctor’ season 2 to release sometime in 2022. Till then, you can check out other similar monster anime. 

Where to Watch Monster Girl Doctor English Dub Online?

You can watch ‘Monster Girl Doctor’ Season 1 on Crunchyroll with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

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