When Will Solar Opposites Season 3 Release on Hulu?

Hasn’t Christmas become all the more beautiful with the oddball comedy of the ‘Solar Opposites’ holiday special? The bizarre tour-de-force adult animated comedy series is created by Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan, the team that previously gave us ‘Rick and Morty.’ The story revolves around a niche group of advanced aliens who descend on a small town in middle America and try to figure out ways of the planet. Their leader is Korvo, an alien scientist who hates Earth and its people, but some others are fascinated by humans.

The show, in turn, becomes an endearing and enduring post-apocalyptic dystopia, replete with pop culture references. Following its original premiere in May 2020, the series has spawned two highly imaginative installments. It has been regarded as one of the most refreshing and roving animated shows in the coming years by critics. However, now seduced by the special, you humans must be eager to catch the next season on screen. In that case, let us spill all the beans.

Solar Opposites Season 3 Release Date

‘Solar Opposites’ season 2 premiered in its entirety on March 26, 2021, on Hulu. The second season packs eight episodes with an average episodic duration of 23 minutes. A special, idiosyncratically named ‘A Very Solar Holiday Opposites Special’ released on November 22, 2021. Let us now delve into everything that is in store for the third season.

You would be happy to learn what we know about the future of the entertaining series. Hulu has ensured that we get a couple more seasons. The third season was set in stone on June 18, 2020, long before season 2 was even on the horizon. The upcoming edition will have twelve episodes as opposed to the episode count for seasons 1 and 2, which contain eight episodes each.

Moreover, as of June 22, 2021, Hulu also greenlit a fourth season. So, seemingly the aliens and their earthen contradictions are going to stay a while. In March 2021, Mike McMahan divulged that the team was knee-deep in season 3’s production as they were working on the animatics. Following the release pattern of the previous installments, one can safely expect ‘Solar Opposites’ season 3 to premiere sometime in Q2 2022.

Solar Opposites Season 3 Voice Cast: Who can be in it?

In season 3, Justin Roiland will likely lend his familiar voice to the character of Korvo, alongside Thomas Middleditch (Terry), Sean Giambrone (Yumyulack), Sagan McMahan (The Pupa), and Mary Mack (Jesse). Among other prominent members of the voice cast, we can expect Tiffany Haddish (Aisha), Jason Mantzoukas (Vanbo), Alfred Molina (The Duke/Ringo), and Christina Hendricks (Cherie) to reprise their respective characters. In all likelihood, the returning voice-cast will include Andy Daly (Lindsey Tim), Rob Schrab (Principal Cooke), Kari Wahlgren (Mrs. Frankie), and others.

Solar Opposites Season 3 Plot: What can it be About?

The finale of the second season reveals the merciful fate of the titular Solar Opposites. As saddened as they are to come to this tiny, inefficient planet, they develop a fascination for the civilization on Earth. In the season finale, the Pupa comes to know that Earth will finally become terraformed into a Shlorp homeland. But there is more drama as the Solars look for fulfillment.

The Solars’ existential stint at Brazil coaching a water-polo team to win the local championship succeeds. Still, they do not feel fulfilled. Only Terry reaches fulfillment, that is, until he dies. Korvo and Jesse also die, only to take birth as trees, and all attain moksha. The developments lead us to a raunchy Christmas, where they face the fiery wrath of Santa. Korvo, as always, gets it wrong. The ‘Ready Player One’ marathon in the maze of ‘The Shining’ is one to look out for.

For the following season, the makers have hinted towards exploring Pupa’s connection with the Solars in greater detail, the course of which already begins in the sophomore season. Therefore, we shall get pulpier storylines, and the planet will run further out of control, that is for sure.

Aspects of fan service should be taken care of, although the series will possibly keep its edge to challenge the human brain further. As it happens, some of the characters have perished, but those who remain will have to figure out more about their intergalactic existence. Rest assured, the series will keep on subverting and ridiculing pop culture, which it so vehemently loves to do.

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