When Will Tough as Nails Season 3 Release?

‘Tough as Nails’ is a reality competition series that brings participants from all walks of life together to compete at job sites challenges that forces them to push their physical and mental capabilities to outperform their on-show rivals. Created by Louise Keoghan and Phil Keoghan, the show first premiered on July 8, 2020, on CBS.

The unique-themed show managed to garner millions of viewers per episode and quickly emerged as the new superhit reality competition series. After the conclusion of its second season, fans are eagerly waiting to learn when ‘Tough as Nails’ will return with its season 3. If you are also curious about the same, well, we have got you covered.

Tough as Nails Season 3 Release Date

‘Tough as Nails’ season 2 premiered on February 10, 2021, on CBS, and concluded on April 14, 2021. It consists of ten episodes with a runtime of about 43 minutes each. Season 2 of the reality competition series managed to garner an average of 3 million viewers per episode in the US alone.

As far as season 3 of the series is concerned, here’s everything we know about it. Unfortunately, the show is yet to be renewed as fans eagerly wait for some news. However, considering its steady viewership and high ratings due to its unique format that celebrates blue-collar jobs, it is probably just a matter of time before we hear from the creators or network about the show’s renewal.

Interestingly, the casting for the upcoming season has already begun, and eager participants can now apply online provided they fulfill the eligibility criteria. The production (as of now) is scheduled to begin on May 19, 2021, and last till late July, which includes two weeks of quarantine and four weeks of shooting. The filming is likely to be done with all COVID-19 precautions. Therefore, if the show gets recommissioned soon, we can expect ‘Tough as Nails’ season 3 to premiere sometime in late 2021.

Tough as Nails Season 3: Who can be the Host?

Phil Keoghan has been serving as the host since the inaugural season of the reality competition series. Interestingly, the New Zealand television personality is also the creator and executive producer of the ‘Tough as Nails’. Therefore, if renewed, we can expect him to return to reprise his hosting duties in season 3. Phil is best known for serving as the host and producer of ‘The Amazing Race,’ which has won multiple Emmy Awards over the years. Since ‘Tough as Nails’ features a new cast every season, the third season will introduce a fresh set of strong-willed individuals who compete for the title and grand prize.

What is Tough as Nails About?

The reality competition series pits contestants against one another in a 6-on-6 team challenge at job sites that test their endurance, grit, perseverance, strength, and mental toughness. When a team wins a competition, they earn $12,000 ($2,000 per member) and receive a Badge of Honor, which ultimately decides the competition’s fate. Interestingly, unlike most other reality competitions, losers of elimination challenge still get to compete in the team competitions and stand a chance to win additional prizes.

Ultimately the team with the most number of Badge of Honor wins a $60,000 ($10,000 per member) bonus. In case both the teams have equal Badges of Honor, the bonus goes to the team winning the tiebreaker. The worst performers in each individual competition are sent to Overtime, and the loser is ultimately eliminated. The contestants’ main aim is to become the Tough as Nails champion and win a Ford Super Duty truck along with the grand prize of $200,000.

If renewed for a third season, viewers can expect to see new faces who compete to showcase their mental and physical dexterity. The stakes will be even higher this time as we can expect more demanding challenges created to makes participants truly test the limits of their endurance, strength, and mental toughness. Regardless of the few tweaks here and there, the overall format is unlikely to change as participants compete for the grand prize and other additional rewards.

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