When Will Zero Return to Netflix?

Created by Menotti, Netflix’s first-of-its-kind modern superhero drama ‘Zero’ revolves around a vulnerable and marginalized black community in contemporary Italy. Touted as the first Italian TV series about the nation’s black population, the narrative touches upon timely topics like immigration problems and community displacements through promises of development but never lets the underlying themes overpower the compelling and gripping superhero story. The brainchild of rapper-writer Antonio Dikele Distefano, the story is borrowed from one of his books, and he himself serves as one of the co-writers of the series.

The story in question revolves around aspiring comic artist Omar, who accidentally discovers his superpower of invisibility. The fate of the Barrio is threatened by a powerful real estate agency, and Omar, along with his new friends from the neighborhood, must embark upon a journey to save his home away from home. The finality of the first season posits several potentially mind-boggling questions, and fans are left looking for answers. A follow-up should be the ideal conjecture, and if you are looking for details regarding the speculated second season of ‘Zero,’ we have your back.

Zero Season 2 Release Date

‘Zero’ season 1 premiered globally on April 21, 2021, on Netflix. The first season comprises eight episodes with an average duration of 28 minutes per episode. A second season is the most likely consequence since the first season met with positive reception upon its release. The media has touted it as the first Italian TV series about the social reality of black people in Italy. Antonio Dikele Distefano took inspiration from his own Angolan roots during the development of the show.

While Netflix is yet to renew the show for a second season, Distefano disclosed the possibility of a renewal in an interview with Variety. He expressed the possibility of viewers asking, “What’s going to happen in the next season?” Although he went on to add that it is still not sure if there will be a second season. Considering that to be his way of teasing the audiences, a new season should be announced in a matter of months, if not weeks. Without any official announcement, the second season is a matter of speculation, but if Netflix renews the show by mid-2021, we can hope to see ‘Zero’ season 2 sometime in early 2022.

Zero Season 2 Plot: What can it be about?

The finality of the first season keeps the audience hooked with a puzzling cliffhanger. Omar cannot come back to his visible form. The new character introduced in the finale, called the Virgin, seems to be connected to a secret society, of which Omar’s parents are also members. In other developments, Omar agrees to go to Paris with Anna, while Omar’s sister comes to know of her own supernatural abilities.

While the direction of the story in the next season is not clear, it will surely pick up from the mind-boggling last minutes of season 1. While the metaphor of invisibility portrays the black reality with utmost precision, we are yet to see whether Omar comes back to his visible persona. The show addresses many relevant themes but subdues its symbolic aspects enough to foreground the modern-day superhero story. The next season will hopefully explore Omar’s Senegalese roots in further detail while introducing us to the character of Omar’s mother.

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