Where Are Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli Now?

Love does not have a defined meaning. But when the time comes or when you know, that he/she is the one, you just know! Maybe, without even setting your eyes on the other person. Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’ is a one-of-its-kind dating reality show that can be dubbed as a hybrid of ‘Married at First Sight‘, ‘The Bachelor‘, and ‘The Circle‘. The series has been filmed over a span of 38 days, with 10 days spent in individual pods where the featured contestants converse with one another while divided by a frosted wall.

If within this period, they build a connection, the man proposes to his chosen woman. If the latter accepts, they end up getting engaged. But this does not necessarily mean the couple will get married. This is the exact case with Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli. As the sparks fly and the romance brews, they decide to get their engagement rolling. But will they say the final vows? In fact, where are they now? Let’s begin!

Where is Damian Powers now?

Damian Powers is a manager of industrial supplies and brings life to any party he is present in. His Instagram profile reveals him to be an avid traveler and a guy who loves to hang around with his friends. He loves setting up other couples but this time, he is on the search for someone special — for himself.


In Netflix’s social experiment, Damian finds his woman in Giannina and almost instantly, he proposes to her. The chemistry is intense and their progress is remarkably fast. But his social media posts do not give any spills on whether they are still together. He seems to be having quite a good time by himself and along with his buddies. Does this mean they have split already? We really hope not!

Where is Giannina Gibelli now?

If you ask us to point one lady who has managed to steal the spotlight in ‘Love Is Blind’, our vote is definitely on Giannina. The retail business owner loves to travel and is all about adventure, even if it means getting engaged to someone she has never met or seen. She is prone to testing guys in order to check if they really understand her for what she is.


In the show, when Damian proposes, she reciprocates by proposing him back. Yes, this woman is confident and unafraid to speak her mind. She knows what she wants and as per her Instagram profile, she is not putting up a show. Her posts are all about a positive approach to life and her selfie game is on point.

In fact, Giannina is a successful businesswoman who has traveled the world. And now she is in ‘Love Is Blind’ because she is ready to settle down. So definitely, when she believes that her potential life partner can be Damian, she does not hesitate in expressing her thoughts.

So, will the pair end up tying the knot? Giannina’s profile does not reveal anything, of course. Reality stars are always tight-lipped when it comes to revealing spoilers. But considering the fact that she is too confident and too direct while revealing her thoughts, will that prove to be an obstacle for their relationship? Will she be able to build a bond with Damian’s fam and friends? Or maybe they both will call it quits?

The result is unclear and even if the two don’t work it out this time, we do know that they both have the potential to find someone in the future who fits their criteria.

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