Where Is Carrie From My 600-lb Life Now?

TLC’s ‘My 600-lb Life’ has been feeding our own addiction of watching people turn their lives around since 2012. Following the journey of morbidly obese individuals as they fight to save their lives by making the courageous decision to shed some much-needed weight on their own so as to undergo the high-risk gastric bypass surgery, this show chronicles the hardships that accompany compulsive cravings, along with the inevitable impact it has on one’s closest relationships. But, at the end of the day, if someone is determined enough to stick to their respective plans, they can manage to achieve anything, and Carrie from season 9 turned out to be the perfect example of that.

Carrie Johnson: My 600-lb Life Journey

As per the official synopsis of the episode, entitled ‘Carrie’s Story’: “Twenty years after her father died as the result of a botched weight-loss surgery, Carrie is on the brink of eating herself to death. She must face the fear and grief of losing her father and end a cycle of toxic behavior with her husband, Chris.” Residing in a trailer home in Huntington, Texas, Carrie, 37, is someone for whom food is nothing short of euphoric. She started eating around the age of eight and never really stopped. After all, even though she realized that weighing around 400 lbs at the age of 18 wasn’t healthy, her life just gave her one curveball after another. She dropped out of college, miscarried, had an abusive husband, and then lost her father.

Later, when Carrie met her second husband, Chris, her life took a turn to be a bit better. However, after she miscarried with him, found a mass, and then had to have a hysterectomy, things started going downhill. She gained more weight, and her marriage became strained because of the fears for her life. So, finally, Carrie decided to head to Houston and meet with Dr. Now, hoping that he would be able to help her turn over a new leaf. Furthermore, realizing that both her daughter and her husband have weight problems as well, she thought that even they could benefit from the experience. With her asthma, fast heart rate, diabetes, and high blood pressure, Dr. Now told Carrie that she needed to lose 60 lbs to be eligible for surgery.

During her follow-up visit with Dr. Now three months later, Carrie weighed in at 590 lbs, having lost only 12 lbs. But after she admitted that she didn’t try hard enough, Dr. Now gave her a second chance and recommended that she get counseling to deal with some of her personal issues. Therefore, after a few more rocky months, Carrie hit her weight loss goal, weighing in at 491 lbs and getting approval to undergo the gastric bypass weight loss surgery. By the end of the episode, Carrie had done wonders for herself, her health, and her personal life by shedding a total of 194 lbs, concluding with the number on the scale being 409.

Where Is Carrie Johnson Now?

Because of the secrecy that TLC and the producers of ‘My 600-lb Life’ demands from all its cast members to ensure that nothing leaks, nobody is allowed to reveal any information until well after their episode has aired. Thus, Carrie hasn’t publicly talked about her weight loss journey either. In saying that, though, from her Facebook profile and the recent photos she has shared, it seems like she has continued to make progress, appearing to be much thinner than before, especially from the face.

As for her relationship with Chris, even that seems to be going really well today. Chris has a constant presence on her social media, and his own profile shows just how much he loves and cares for his wife, appreciating her whenever possible. In fact, just last month, towards the end of December 2020, Chris posted a kind message for Carrie, reading, “You don’t find happiness you make it!! I love you Carrie Johnson!” Along with those affectionate words were a heart eye and a kiss emoji.

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