Where is Dr. David Langer Today?

‘Lenox Hill’ is an honest take on the daily lives of four physicians, who have different motivations to do the work they do. However, what stands out is their commitment, which is synonymously linked. In many ways, they cannot help but be linked to the lives of their patients who have put their trust in them. Every day then becomes a struggle to not only do a ‘job’ but also ensure the overall wellbeing of their patients.

Who is Dr. David Langer?

Dr. David Langer is the Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. Coming from a generation of doctors in his family, he has an intrinsic passion for helping his patients as one can understand from the documentary. Often, his frustration at ‘juggling’ administration work and the care of his patients comes across easily. Nonetheless, he rises above the struggles to be a leading contributor in his department. 

In his close-knit neurosurgical team, he is often on the lookout for collectively improving the kind of treatment given. His efficient skills in the operation theatre have saved not one life, but many. The documentary gives an insider perspective to understand the personal reasons that motivate him. After his father died of a stroke, he has been on a mission to make up for that in the lives of the patients he encounters. We see this when he treats Mitzie, a woman from Tennessee, who has a tumor that most doctors refused to operate on. Even though there is a set back in the beginning, he sends her home after removing most of the tumors. While being a neurosurgeon posits an impossible task of maintaining work-life balance, he comes across as a committed father and husband who steals calls in between work to constantly be in the loop. 

Where is Dr. David Langer Now?

Dr. David Langer seems to be busy as always, involved in almost everything when it comes to his department. However, it seems like COVID-19 has changed things up, even when it comes to neurosurgery. In a recent article, he spoke about how the coronavirus pandemic is hampering scheduled surgeries. He said, “My department has 65 surgeries on the schedule….Patients themselves don’t want to come to the hospital.” Furthermore, he stated that several patients are at the risk of getting strokes due to such delays in surgeries. He also participated in an international dialogue that focused on the care and treatment of patients amid COVID-19. 

In another interview, he said, “We have really shut down all our elective surgery, and for some reason, even most of the emergency surgery is kind of evaporated…” Dr. Langer further spoke about how patients are mostly opting out of getting treatment in New York hospitals at the moment. Also, his team is currently learning about COVID-19, in case they are needed on the “volume load” of cases flooding into the hospitals. Recently, he also participated in a webinar with top healthcare physicians to discuss the healthcare environment post the pandemic. They discussed population density having an impact on the healthcare system and other factors that may have a long term influence on healthcare systems as we know them. Check out the webinar here

Apart from his professional life, he is also a committed husband and father as one can obviously garner from the documentary. On his Twitter page, he recently tweeted a screenshot of his daughter’s interest in political activism and calls himself a proud dad.

He also tweeted about a fundraiser that seeks to help those with neurovascular diseases.

Though he doesn’t have many photos or posts on his Facebook page, the one thing that does stand out is his family pictures. He maintains an updated LinkedIn profile and is also quite active on its social feed.

Quite recently, he shared a LinkedIn post about Lenox Hill Neurosurgery on the lookout to hire interns for the summer. He wrote, “This should be a terrific experience for high school, college, and medical students with opportunities for learning and collaboration about health care careers at any level.” All in all, Dr. Langer seems to be committed to making a difference in what can be best described as a passion to make a breakthrough in neurosurgery, which in return, can contribute to an improved quality of life.  

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