Where Is Krystal From My 600-lb Life Today?

TLC’s ‘My 600-lb Life’ has been giving us stories of amazing physical transformations since its premiere in 2012. Following morbidly obese individuals as they journey down a committed path involving challenging lifestyle changes to lose weight and improve their quality of life, this series chronicles their past while showcasing their hopes for the future.

All this is done under the guidance of the Houston-based Iranian-American bariatric surgeon, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, also known as Dr. Now. And we’ll be honest, while some find the whole process of following a strict diet and workout plan quite challenging, some, like Krystal Hall from the ninth season, thrive under the need for change.

Krystal Hall: My 600-lb Life Journey

We were introduced to 34-year-old Krystal Hall from Frankfort, Ohio, for the first time in episode 7 of season 9. She began her journey by detailing how her weight is the one thing that controls her relationship with her family, behavior, and day-to-day experiences instead of it being any other way round. “I feel like I’ve destroyed my life by letting my weight get as out of control as it is now because I’m 600 lbs and I’m miserable,” Krystal said. “Every aspect of my life is affected by my size, to where I have to have help to do a lot now.”

With her diabetes, high blood pressure, and stomach issues, along with her PCOS, joint pain, and swelling, Krystal needed physical support doing menial activities like taking medication or showering, which she just couldn’t help but feel embarrassed and humiliated about. Her husband, Freelin, echoed her sentiments by stating that he sometimes felt more like a caretaker than a lover or a partner. However, he added that he’d stick around because he loves his wife and wants the best for her health, despite the number on the scale.

Like most people with any sort of addiction, Krystal’s problems also began due to trauma. From the ages of about five to 13, she was molested by a cousin. Then, her mother’s boyfriend physically abused Krystal and her sisters before his brother came around to sexually assault them. All this led Krystal to find an escape in food, and once she realized that the bigger she got, the less they touched her, she didn’t stop. By the time she was 10, Krystal weighed over 250 lbs, which escalated to about 420 around the time she had graduated high school.

Despite all that, Krystal managed to find a family for herself in Freelin and her son (biological nephew) Josh. However, she realized that if she didn’t focus on her weight, health, and lifestyle, she couldn’t have the long life she wanted with them. Therefore, Krystal decided to begin Dr. Now’s famous weight loss program. Even with her severe mental health issues of depression and anxiety, along with her immobility, Krystal managed to do really well for herself, that is until the COVID-19 pandemic hit and shut everything down.

Where Is Krystal Hall Now?

From 618 lbs, Krystal Hall was down to 527, shedding a total of 91 lbs to get approval for the gastric bypass surgery from Dr. Now. However, once the pandemic hit, she gained back 53 lbs in seven months. Krystal was subsequently told that if she couldn’t lose that weight again and move to Houston, Texas, within a month or two, nothing could be done for her. So, the 34-year-old decided to leave her husband behind to take care of things in Ohio while she relocated with her son to undergo the medical procedure.

Image Credit: Krystal Hall/Facebook

“I’m more determined than ever, more determined than when I started this,” Krystal said at the end of her episode. “And I feel like I’m more motivated than ever because I’ve seen a little bit of what I’m capable of and gotten a small taste of how life can get better for me and all of us if I keep making progress. So I’m not slowing down or getting off track again. I’m staying focused on what’s ahead and all the possibilities that will be there for me if I stay the course.” And it looks like Krystal has truly continued on that path.

From what we can tell off of Krystal’s social media accounts, it seems like she has lost a bit of weight since her episode’s filming ended, suggesting that she may have already undergone the life-saving surgery. Her profile also states that she resides in Chillicothe, Ohio, and works at Scioto Trails Group Homes, hinting that she is in her hometown with her loving and supportive family. As for Krystal’s relationship with Freelin, even that appears to be going smoothly. After all, the most recent picture she uploaded with him, on February 2, 2021, is a cozy selfie.

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