Where is Mike Meginness From My 600-lb Life Now?

Ever since its premiere in 2012, TLC’s ‘My 600-lb Life’ has been exploring the tales of morbidly obese individuals as they commence their journey towards a healthier and happier life. Under the guidance of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, better known as “Dr. Now,” they get an opportunity to turn over a new leaf through a well-customized program. That includes diet plans, an exercise regime, and lifestyle modifications, making the entire process a little tricky for the food addicts. Thus, while some fail, others, like season 10’s Mike Meginness, manage to achieve wonders.

Mike Meginness’ My 600-lb Life Journey

As a 37-year-old from Ohio, Mike Meginness was no stranger to being a big guy. Yet, after years of letting his weight control him — instead of it being the other way round — he finally admitted that he was at a point where he risked losing everything, driving him to make the needed changes. After all, having crossed the 100-lb mark at the age of six, he had been struggling with weight his entire life, something his four siblings never seemed to have an issue with. From there, the number on the scale only increased, and Mike realized that he could use it to his advantage.

With the combination of his heavy frame and 6’5″ height, Mike got into football, which not only helped him stay active but also gave him a dream. However, his unhealthy relationship with food didn’t waiver because of the constant and brutal bullying he endured for being big. The fact that he coped through eating only gave rise to a vicious cycle that didn’t change even when he sustained back-to-back concussions. The NCAA subsequently ruled him medically ineligible to play, and Mike had to drop out of college because he lost his football scholarship and purpose.

He found love and tied the knot soon after, welcoming four beautiful children into this world, but even that crumbled apart when he couldn’t manage his binge-eating disorder and depression. Unable to handle everything on her own, his wife had warned him before she actually asked for a divorce, and so, Mike found himself without his kids in his parents’ basement. It took a little while, yet he eventually understood that he needed to change his ways and go down from weighing 745 lbs if he wanted to move on and be a part of his kids’ lives for as long as possible.

Where is Mike Meginness Now?

Despite several obstacles and personal challenges, Mike Meginness never lost his motivation and worked extremely hard to shed close to 250 lbs. He couldn’t move to Houston, Texas, as recommended by Dr. Now for the weight loss assist surgery because that would mean he’d lose custody of his children owing to the arrangement he had with his ex. So, they came up with a plan that would benefit everyone. In the end, Mike only had to stay in the city for two months following his successful operation, and then he moved back to continue the program on his own.

Today, although Mike is back in Marion, Ohio, he seems to have stuck to his word about continuing his weight loss journey. In fact, as per the regular updates he posts on his social media platforms, he not only ran his first 5k marathon recently in 1 hour 45 minutes, but he also lost 10 lbs over the Thanksgiving holidays. He’s pushing himself as much as he can now because he recognizes that his love for food could have cost him his entire life. Moreover, Mike appears to be adhering to the slow yet effective process to get results, and he looks happy with his progress, which is honestly all that matters.

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