Where is Tommy From ‘My 600-lb Life’ Now?

Relationships are supposed to make one stronger, or is it? Well, plenty of times, we witness couples where one partner proves to be toxic for the other. Such entanglements prove detrimental not only for one’s mental health but in certain cases, even physical well-being. And this seems to be exactly the problem in the case of Tommy, who is the subject of My 600-lb Life season 8 episode 11. So, who is he and why is he in the show? Let’s find out.

Who is Tommy & What’s His Story?

Tommy was already morbidly obese and tipping the scales at around 600 pounds when he first met his girlfriend Amanda. And surprisingly, she did not seem to care that her partner was so many lbs above the normal, regular weight. So definitely, Tommy thought that he had met the woman of his dreams who loves him for what he is and not for what he is on the outside. But is that the truth? Well, there’s more to Amanda’s backstory here.

Amanda has a history of being drawn toward morbidly obese men. In fact, she was previously in a relationship, where her partner weighed over 700 pounds. He later died because of his excessive weight but this has not stopped Amanda from dating extremely heavyweight guys — although she claims otherwise in the show.

TLC’s official description explains how Amanda is still affected after the death of her former lover. It says: “Amanda has vowed never to go through the pain of losing someone that way again, and she says she would leave Tommy before she watched that happen, but it’s happening nonetheless, as Tommy’s weight gain continues, and he knows that he will lose Amanda – or worse – if he doesn’t make a change.”

So, is this woman’s affinity for vulnerable men getting in the way of Tommy’s well-being. The episode will shed further light on the fact.

Where is Tommy Now?

Tommy, after he is fed up with his weight issues, obviously decides to seek the help of Dr. Now. In the course of his patient’s treatment, Dr. Now puts Tommy on the regular, weight-loss program. But this particular case has its own share of complications. The surgeon will also need to employ the help of his expert team of psychiatrists to diagnose why Amanda is attracted to men who are obese and need strict medical care.

As the episode unfolds, we will learn how Amanda can check her behavior of being a food enabler. Most importantly, it will also shed light on the fact of whether Tommy needs to reconsider his decisions regarding his relationship if he wishes to become healthy once again. Of course, Dr. Now will need to take quick or maybe, even drastic measures to help Tommy before he runs out of time.

Well, we will only know the final results when the episode airs on Wednesday, March 12, 2020. Until then, you can check out to this special preview clip from episode 11 below:

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