Lifetime’s The Manny: Filming Locations And Cast Details

Lifetime’s ‘The Manny’ is a thriller drama film that follows the life of Lani McCall, a single mother and a successful social media chef and influencer who is on the brink of getting her own cooking show on TV. But her duties and responsibilities as a mother to her son Jaylen hold her back until she luckily finds a handsome and caring young male nanny named Morgan Washington to help take care of her son. As Morgan spends time with Lani and her son, she begins to fall in love with him. However, little does Lani know that the real Morgan was killed by her manny, who plotted his way into her life.

In his childhood, the manny had witnessed his mother getting murdered by her violent boyfriend. Ever since then, his life’s purpose has been to make all mothers understand that they need to make their children their topmost priority. When Lani finds out the truth about the manny, she ends up killing him in order to protect her son and herself. Now, she doesn’t trust anyone but herself to take care of Jaylen. Helmed by Doug Campbell, the Lifetime production grabs the attention of its viewers through the suspenseful narrative, eerie and dark visuals, and compelling onscreen performances of the cast members.

The Manny Filming Locations

Shooting for ‘The Manny’ seemingly took place in Ontario, particularly in and around Toronto. Reports suggest that the principal photography occurred in the summer of 2022. Around the time of the release of the movie, one of the cast members, Brendan Morgan, shared his experience of filming. He wrote, “I had a fun time showing off my extensive magic skills while working alongside the talented, @aka.aussie and @michaelb05, in our recent film “The Manny” now streaming on Tubi.”

Toronto, Ontario

From the looks of it, the production team of ‘The Manny’ supposedly took over the capital city of the Canadian province of Ontario — Toronto — and lensed several pivotal sequences for the thriller. Since most of the drama unfolds in the residence of Lani, the filming unit seemingly set up camp in an actual property situated in a posh Toronto neighborhood. Also, it is highly likely that a few indoor scenes were recorded utilizing the facilities of one of the film studios in and around the city. A couple of prominent production facilities in Toronto include Pinewood Toronto Studios and Revival Film Studios.

As far as the aerial and exterior shots are concerned, most of them were lensed on location across the city. Many of you might be able to spot several landmarks and buildings associated with the capital city of Ontario, such as the CN Tower, the Toronto City Hall, Humber Bay Arch Bridge, Casa Loma, and the Ontario Legislative Building. Given its versatility and vastness, the city works as a suitable production location for different kinds of film and TV projects. Apart from ‘The Manny,’ it has served as a backdrop for ‘A Simple Favor,’ ‘Ready or Not,’ ‘True Lies,’ ‘Reacher,’ and ‘The Handmaid’s Tale.’

The Manny Cast

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Michael Evans Behling essays the role of Morgan in ‘The Manny.’ Widely recognized for portraying Jordan Baker in ‘All American,’ he has been featured in supporting roles in various other projects, such as ‘A Cinderella Story: Starstruck,’ ‘All American: Homecoming,’ and ‘The Flower That Never Wilts.’ Opposite to him, Joanne Jansen dons the garb of Lani, the mother of Jaylen in the Lifetime film.

Throughout her career, Joanne has shown her versatile acting skills by appearing in various films and TV shows, including ‘Vicious Fun,’ ‘Deadly House Call,’ ‘Bite of a Mango,’ ‘A Harvest Homecoming,’ ‘Haphead,’ ‘Friends with Benefits,’ ‘Shadowhunters,’ and ‘Most Dangerous Game.’ Besides the two leads, ‘The Manny’ features a bunch of other talented actors in supporting roles, like Hailey Summer as Mercedes, Jamaal Grant as Darren, Ashton Ayres as Jaylen, Brendan Morgan as Zack, Jenny Itwaru as Shannon, L.A. Sweeney as Rebecca, Luke Charles as Sam, and Ocean Williams as Gabby.

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