Where To Stream After We Collided?

Directed by Roger Kumble, ‘After We Collided’ is the sequel to the box-office hit ‘After,’ based on the book series of the same name authored by Anna Todd. Starring Josephine Langford as Tessa Young and Hero Fiennes Tiffin as Hardin Scott, this movie is another installment in a long line of films based on books that merge the teenage angst of ‘Twilight’ with the sexual drama of ‘Fifty Shades.’ The first film’s popularity was inversely proportional to its content quality, and ‘After We Collided’ seems to be headed down the same path.

It’s one of those movies that critics always slam, but the audiences love because the story hits the sweet-spot of young fantasies about bad boys that are reformed by the love of a nice girl with virginal shyness. So if you’re into young adult romantic drama, ‘After We Collided’ would be a stimulating watch. If you’re curious to know where to stream this movie, we have all the details for you here. First, let us give you a bit of background on the movie’s plot!

What is After We Collided About?

In the movie ‘After,’ good-girl Tessa and bad-boy Hardin meet and fall in love, only to break up when Tessa finds out that Hardin only pursued her because of a bet. ‘After We Collided’ continues with the young adult angst of separation until they eventually get back together. The sequel deals with Hardin making amends for being a nincompoop in the first film and Tessa forgiving him. Following that, the two embark on a tentatively built relationship.

However, their bliss is threatened by Hardin’s dark past and his messed up relationship with his father. There’s also Dylan Sprouse in the film (serving as its one bright spot), playing the role of a smitten co-worker who forms a massive crush on Tessa, on her very first day as an intern in a publishing house. Might we expect that his presence does not cause friction between the protagonists? We may not.

Is After We Collided on Netflix?

‘After We Collided’ is not yet available to stream on Netflix. It might get added to its roster in the future, seeing how ‘After‘ is already available. Another movie that fans of the teen romance genre would like that’s available to stream on Netflix is ‘The Kissing Booth‘.

Is After We Collided on Hulu?

While ‘After We Collided’ is not on Hulu, viewers into the genre can stream the teen romance mother-lode ‘Twilight‘ with their Hulu subscription. For people who were living under a rock somewhere or possibly torpid ten years ago, ‘Twilight’ is a forbidden romance between a teenage girl and a vampire who would like to eat her for lunch.

Is After We Collided on Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately, ‘After We Collided’ is not available to stream on Amazon Videos for Prime customers.

Where To Watch After We Collided Online?

Audiences can watch ‘After We Collided’ as a rented or purchased video-on-demand on iTunes, GooglePlay, and Vudu.

Where To Stream After We Collided For Free?

‘After We Collided’ is not available anywhere for streaming as of right now, so currently, there are no streaming app free trials that we can suggest for this movie. We recommend that you rent or purchase the film to watch it.

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