Where to Stream America’s Got Talent?

Co-created by Simon Cowell, ‘America’s Got Talent‘ is a television talent competition series that gives people from all walks of life a platform to establish a career in the field that they have been mastering for years. The show is known to have, over the years, given the country one of its finest performers, but what is it really about? Curious to learn more about the show or where it can be streamed? You have come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is America’s Got Talent About?

Unlike most reality competition shows that pit participants with similar talent against one another, ‘America’s Got Talent’ stands as one of the few exceptions. It does not make any such distinction and offers a platform for everyone. People from all walks of life who have, for years, honed their talents as a singer, comedian, dancer, magician, etc., find the right audience through the show to finally showcase their talent and compete against the most skilled people on the planet. The participants are tasked with impressing the judges in the auditions. Those who do so compete against each other in live episodes.

The panel of judges, along with the audience, then decide the fate of these contestants one episode after another, and only the best manage to reach the live final. The winners not only get a huge cash prize, but they also get to perform on the Las Vegas Strip. If the show sounds interesting to you and you wish to watch it, here are all the streaming details you will need.

Is America’s Got Talent on Netflix?

‘America’s Got Talent’ is not accessible on Netflix as of now, so subscribers will have to check other platforms to watch the television talent competition series. However, viewers looking for a similar show on the streaming giant can alternatively watch ‘The American Barbecue Showdown,’ ‘The Big Family Cooking Showdown,’ or ‘Sing On!

Is America’s Got Talent on Hulu?

Yes, ‘America’s Got Talent’ is available on Hulu. You can head here to watch season 15. Subscribers who wish to stream other seasons may have to look for other alternatives.

Is America’s Got Talent on Amazon Prime?

‘America’s Got Talent’ is not available on Amazon Prime. Prime subscribers who wish to watch a similar show can alternatively stream ‘America’s Next Top Model.

Where to Watch America’s Got Talent Online?

You can watch ‘America’s Got Talent’ on NBC’s official website. The series is also accessible on Peacock (season 15) and AppleTV (season 15). The talent competition series is also available on YouTubeTV, Spectrum, Xfinity, SlingTV, DirecTV, and FuboTV.

How to Stream America’s Got Talent for Free?

FuboTV comes with a seven-day free trial, while Hulu offers a thirty-day free trial for its first-time subscribers. People who have never subscribed can therefore watch ‘America’s Got Talent’ for free, provided they do so in the trial period. However, we encourage our readers to pay for the content they consume online.

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