Where To Stream Bad Hair?

Almost each horror flick we watch, we witness this common, signature scene – hair dangling from the mouth or erupting from the bathtub — or from any other opening in that regard! Cringe. Right. But hair is a classic touch in any supernatural movie. And this time around, we get an entire film that revolves around hair — aptly titled ‘Bad Hair’.

However, ‘Bad Hair’ is a horror-comedy, written, directed, and produced by Justin Simien. It had a successful premiere at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival, following which it was released online. From the reviews and first looks, ‘Bad Hair’ is a sure-shot hit. Now, you must be thinking, where can I access this flick from the comforts of my home? Well, we will get to that. But before going there, here is a brief synopsis of the movie.

What is Bad Hair About?

‘Bad Hair’ is a satirical horror-comedy drama that is set in the year 1989. The story follows an ambitious young woman named Anna who works in the glitzy world of music tv. So, she goes ahead and gets a weave to change her looks. After the fresh hair-do, although her career flourishes in the image-obsessed industry, it comes at a great cost. She slowly realizes that her new tresses have a mind of their own!

Is Bad Hair on Netflix?

‘Bad Hair’ is not yet available to stream on Netflix. We are doubtful if it will ever get added since the movie happens to be a Hulu exclusive. But if the genre of satirical horror entices you, Netflix is packed with many such titles. For instance, you can give a watch to ‘The Babysitter‘.

Is Bad Hair on Hulu?

You are in luck! ‘Bad Hair’ is a Hulu original and was released exclusively on the platform. On a good note, Hulu has a 30 days free trial, following which you need to pay a subscription fee of $5.99/month. You can watch ‘Bad Hair’ here.

Is Bad Hair on Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately, ‘Bad Hair’ is not available to stream on Amazon Prime Video either. However, this movie uses the horror trope to paint incisive portraits of politics, racism, and society. Therefore, if you want to check out similar titles that address important social issues, then we recommend ‘Antebellum’ — which is currently available for Prime subscribers.

Where To Watch Bad Hair Online?

Currently, apart from Hulu, ‘Bad Hair’ is not available to stream on any subscription service or TV everywhere service. It is unavailable to rent or buy either. We will update this section if and when we come across any platform that includes the movie in the near future.

Where To Stream Bad Hair For Free?

‘Bad Hair’ is not available anywhere for free streaming as of right now. Of course, you can go for the 30-day free trial on Hulu. But you should always pay for the content you consume. And luckily, Hulu offers several subscription plans — the regular Hulu pack, Hulu + Live TV, ad-free service, and Hulu + ESPN + Disney.

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