Where To Stream Buddy Games?

‘Buddy Games’ is the directorial debut of actor Josh Duhamel. It’s about six life-long friends who have always been super competitive and had a falling out five years ago. They reunite after five years to engage in a series of wildly absurd challenges which they call ‘Buddy Games’. This time around, the men are competing for the sweet prize of $150,000. Curious to know more about the plot of this ‘Three Stooges’-style slapstick (and honestly, cringe-worthy) comedy and where you can stream it? Here is all you need to know.

What is Buddy Games About?

Bob (Josh Duhamel, nicknamed in the movie as “The Bobfather”) hosts the ‘Buddy Games’ for his childhood friends, five years after an unfortunate accident at the annual games caused the six majorly-competitive friends to have a falling out. The accident involved a pierced testicle. Now in the present, the group of middle-aged BFFs gathers again to participate in a series of comically extreme challenges. The winner takes home $150,000. Playing the absurd games, the friends are able to mend bridges and heal, in a weirdly hilarious manner. The movie is full of crude jokes and highly immature testicle humor.

Is Buddy Games on Netflix?

‘Buddy Games’ is not streaming on Netflix but interested viewers who like goofy movies may want to check out ‘You Don’t Mess With The Zohan‘ and ‘Paul Blart Mall Cop‘ as potential alternative watches.

Is Buddy Games on Hulu?

‘Buddy Games’ is not available on Hulu. However, if you’re a fan of slapstick humor, you can watch ‘Super Troopers‘ and ‘Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay‘ instead.

Is Buddy Games on Amazon Prime?

Yes, ‘Buddy Games’ is streaming on Amazon Prime as video-on-demand, available for rent or purchase.

Where To Watch Buddy Games Online?

The best way to watch ‘Buddy Games’ online is to buy or rent the film on one of the following VOD platforms – iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, and FandangoNow.

How To Stream Buddy Games For Free?

Presently, it is not possible to watch this movie for free since ‘Buddy Games’ is not available on any streaming platforms that offer a free trial period. It is always advisable to pay for the content you consume online. So if you want to watch ‘Buddy Games’, you will simply have to buy or rent the movie on one of the above-mentioned platforms.

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