Where To Stream Come Away?

‘Come Away’ is a mash-up of the beloved stories of ‘Peter Pan’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland’, set in Victorian England. The film stars Angelina Jolie, David Oyelowo, Michael Caine, and follows the adventures of Peter and Alice, a brother and sister duo who push themselves further into make-believe when dealing with a family tragedy. ‘Come Away’ is directed by Brenda Chapman (who also helmed Disney’s ‘Brave’), and reimagines the classic tales as something different – darker and more rooted in reality. If you’re looking to find out more about the plot of ‘Come Away’ and where to stream it, you’ve come to the right place.

What is Come Away About?

Peter and Alice are siblings who spend their time playing in the woods near their family’s home in the country, with Alice hosting tea parties for her stuffed toys and Peter (with older brother David) playing pirate ship on an abandoned boat on the river shore closeby. When tragedy strikes unexpectedly, the pair of siblings cope with their grief by delving deeper into their world of make-believe, as one of their parents languishes away in addiction and sadness.

Is Come Away on Netflix?

‘Come Away’ is not currently streaming on Netflix but as alternative options, you can watch ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles‘ or ‘The Witches‘.

Is Come Away on Hulu?

While ‘Come Away’ is not available on Hulu, there are plenty of other great viewing options similar to ‘Come Away’ that fans of the genre can watch instead, like ‘Hook‘, ‘Pan‘, and ‘Bridge To Terabithia‘.

Is Come Away on Amazon Prime?

‘Come Away’ is not on Amazon Prime, but audiences who love “Alice in Wonderland” can watch either the 1995 animation version of the popular story or the animated show ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland‘.

Where To Watch Come Away Online?

People who are looking to watch ‘Come Away’ can purchase or rent it as video-on-demand on FandangoNow.

How To Stream Come Away For Free?

‘Come Away’ is not presently available for free streaming on any of the platforms and the only way to watch it right now is to pay for it and stream on FandangoNow.

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