Where to Stream Elyse?

Stella Hopkins’ directorial debut, ‘Elyse’, is a psychological drama, which follows an emotionally disturbed woman, who is treated in a mental facility. Starring Lisa Pepper as the titular Elyse and Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Lewis, the tale is narrated via a mix of hallucinations and memories. While some parts are in black and white, others are in color, perhaps, symbolizing the state of Elyse’s mind. Well, if you wish to tease your brain with a complicated, twisted movie, then ‘Elyse’ is a must-watch. But where can you stream the film? Well, we have your answer!

What is Elyse About?

‘Elyse’ introduces us to the titular character, who is languishing the death of her young son, Cody. Flashback! She enters her home where she finds her devoted husband Steven and egocentric mother, Goldie, having a family gathering. Out of nowhere, she throws a fit. Steven recommends she visit a psychiatrist. Then again, in another incident, she loses control of her temper and ends up running down her own son and his nanny.

Elyse is diagnosed with Catatonia and institutionalized in a State Hospital. Upon probing further, it is revealed that she has a history of trauma. In the mental facility, Elyse is placed under the care of Dr. Lewis and the nurse, David. The only hope for Elyse to start afresh is by dissolving her marriage, seeking the forgiveness of the nanny’s daughter, and reconciling with her mother.

Is Elyse on Netflix?

No, ‘Elyse’ is not on Netflix. But if you are on the lookout for a psychological masterpiece, you can check out ‘I’m Thinking of Ending Things’ — an intricate examination of existential crisis, depression, the human psyche, and past trauma. You can stream the movie here.

Is Elyse on Amazon Prime?

Currently, ‘Elyse’ is not available on Amazon Prime. But the platform has a mind-bending psychological horror, starring Jennifer Lawrence. Titled ‘Mother!’, the movie narrates the story of a poet and his expecting wife, living in an isolated house. What follows thereafter shall definitely leave you questioning! You can rent or buy the film here.

Is Elyse on Hulu?

No, ‘Elyse’ is not on Hulu. However, if you wish to feast your eyes on a mind-bending drama, you can opt for ‘A Beautiful Mind’, which is currently available on the platform.

Where to Stream Elyse Online?

The only VOD platforms where ‘Elyse’ is streaming right now are Google Play, iTunes, and Fandango Now. You can buy or rent and catch the flick on all of these platforms. If the movie lands on any other VOD service, we will update this section.

Where to Stream Elyse Online For Free?

Unfortunately, there are no free services to watch the movie. Even if it is later available on any streaming platform, you have to pay the required subscription fee (following a free trial, if available). But our advice would be to always pay for the content you consume.

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