Where to Stream First Cow?

First Cow filming locations

The ideals of the “American dream” is what unites a diverse country like the United States. The idea that through hard work and ambition, anybody can “make it” is certainly an infectious and positive notion. Indie filmmaker, Kelly Reichardt is known for making movies that have a distinct sense of Americanness in them. Hence, it is no surprise that her movie, ‘First Cow‘ is about the American dream in action.

The film is set in the region of Oregon in the early 19th century and starts by following the character of Cookie Figowitz who is the cook for a party of four fur trappers. Figowitz meets a refugee named King Lu and the two become quick friends. They soon nurture a business together. Lu steals milk from the territory’s first cow. The duo plans to make cookies with the milk and sell it to the community. Their cookies become an instant success. However, when the owner of the cow invites the duo over to bake for his guests, their plans get complicated. Several viewers would have wondered where ‘First Cow’ can be streamed.

Is First Cow on Netflix?

Netflix has become a powerful brand: one that is known by most people all over the world. It is staggering to think that its origins were a DVD store. Arguably the best streaming platform currently, Netflix is host to multiple original movies and television shows. Moreover, it also hosts numerous compelling third-party productions. Unfortunately, ‘First Cow’ cannot be streamed on Netflix. Instead, you can watch ‘The Pursuit of Happyness,’ an endearing movie about a homeless salesman and his son.

Is First Cow on Prime Video?

Prime Video is Amazon’s answer to Netflix. The service combines seamlessly in the Amazon ecosystem. Like Netflix, Prime Video is filled with enough choices of original productions as well as third-party ones. Unfortunately, ‘First Cow’ cannot be streamed on Prime Video for free. However, it can be bought on the Amazon store for $14.99.

Is First Cow on Hulu?

Now, Hulu is like the underdog of streaming. It continuously defies expectations, staying on top. The service does so by presenting some truly memorable originals. Apart from that, it also hosts prominent third-party productions. That is not all though. The service distinguishes itself by offering live TV service, unlike its competitors. Unfortunately, ‘First Cow’ cannot be watched on Hulu. Instead, you can stream ‘Mrs. America‘ which is the story of how the fight to get the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) ratified transformed American politics forever.

Where Else Can I Stream First Cow?

The Amazon marketplace is not the only venue where ‘Fist Cow’ can be bought. It can also be purchased on most VOD platforms like Google Play, Vudu, iTunes and Fandango Now.

Can I Stream First Cow For Free?

We recommend our readers to pay for the art that they consume. Unfortunately, there is no way to watch ‘First Cow’ for free. It can only be purchased on Amazon, iTunes, or Fandango.

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