Where To Stream Good Girls Season 4?

NBC’s ‘Good Girls’ is a comedy-drama series created by Jenna Bans that stars Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman, Marietta “Retta” Sirleaf, Reno Wilson, and Manny Montana in the lead roles. Set in Michigan, it follows the lives of three suburban wives who are struggling to make ends meet. Tired of their constant struggle and lack of respect, the supposedly “good girls” decide to break bad and plan on robbing a local supermarket, which leads to a series of crimes. Season 4 sees the three women finding a new way to continue printing fake cash, which raises new hurdles. They put everything they have earned so far on the line to protect each other, with the FBI closing in on their operation. If you are excited about the latest season and wish to know the detail about how you can watch it, here’s where you can stream ‘Good Girls’ season 4.

What is Good Girls Season 4 About?

At the end of ‘Good Girls’ season 3, Beth and Dean team up to buy his employer’s business. Ruby has an argument with Stan, after which she figures out a sneaky way to pay him back. Ruby’s phone is swiped by Agent Phoebe, and she learns valuable information from it that brings her closer to catching the trio. The fourth season sees the trio slump deeper into criminal activities as they prepare for the launch of Boland Bubbles, a hot tub selling showroom which acts as a new front for the ladies to continue washing cash for crime boss Rio. With Agent Phoebe hot on their trail, they have to be more careful than ever to protect their illegal operations. Beth also looks to push her plan to get rid of Rio into overdrive.

Is Good Girls Season 4 On Netflix?

Season 4 of ‘Good Girls’ isn’t currently available on the streaming service but rest assured, it will likely be added to the service sometime after season 4 has finished airing on its original network, NBC. Until then, you can binge on the previous three seasons on Netflix. If you’d like to watch a similar women-centric show, you can checkout ‘Dead to Me’ (about two grieving women who bond over their shared loss but one of them is hiding a dark secret).

Is Good Girls Season 4 On Amazon Prime?

‘Good Girls’ season 4 is not part of titles offered by Amazon Prime through its subscription. However, you can still purchase the episodes on-demand as and when they are made available on the platform. Alternatively, you can check out ‘Good Girls Revolt’ (which follows a group of young researchers working in a newsroom striving for equality and respect) on the streamer.

Is Good Girls Season 4 On Hulu?

Subscribers of Hulu Live TV can live stream the episodes of ‘Good Girls’ season 4 when they air. Users with a regular Hulu subscription need not fret as they can watch new episodes the very next day on the streaming service.

Where to Watch Good Girls Season 4 Online?

There are plenty of ways to watch ‘Good Girls’ season 4 online. You can live-stream the new episodes or choose to watch them at your convenience a day after their TV premiere on NBC’s official website or mobile app by logging in using your cable id. You can also opt to watch online with a subscription to live TV platforms such as FuboTV, Sling TV, DirecTV, Xfinity, and YouTube TV. Additionally, you can purchase the episodes of season 4 (and previous seasons) on VOD platforms such as Google Play, Apple TV, and Vudu. The latest episodes will most probably be added to iTunes soon.

How to Stream Good Girls Season 4 For Free?

Folks looking for a free option are in luck as they can stream ‘Good Girls’ season 4 with a 1-month free trial of Hulu, a 7-day free trial of Hulu Live TV, FuboTV, or YouTube TV, and a 3-day free trial of SlingTV.

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