Where to Stream Half Brothers?

Buddy movies and road trip flicks are a classic category of films, which are never a failure, usually. Luke Greenfield’s ‘Half Brothers’ falls in this very genre. Starring Luis Gerardo Méndez as Renato and Connor Del Rio as Asher, the story follows two half-siblings, who never knew about the other’s existence until the death of their father. The movie was released in theaters on December 4, 2020, and managed to live up to its expectation of delivering an amusing storyline. Let us now get to the details of streaming ‘Half Brothers’ online. But before that, here is a quick rundown of its plotline.

What is Half Brothers About?

Renato is a successful Mexican aeronautics entrepreneur, and he has an American younger sibling, the free-spirited Asher. Renato, in his childhood, used to look up to his engineer dad Flavio. However, Flavio left for the US in the mid-90s and never returned, leaving Renato bitter and angry. In the present, Renato is gearing up to tie the knot with Pamela. This is when he gets a call from an unknown woman, who says that she is Flavio’s wife. She also admits that Flavio is counting his last hours and wants to meet his son. Despite his doubts, Renato packs his bags and embarks on a road trip to Chicago. When Renato reaches America, Flavio informs him that he has a half-brother! The two then go on another trip to unravel a mystery, regarding someone named Eloise — as desired by Flavio.

Is Half Brothers on Netflix?

Unfortunately, ‘Half Brothers’ is not available on Netflix. But if you are on the lookout for a similar flick that is an ideal mix of rib-cracking comedy and a chaotic road trip, you can definitely opt for ‘Due Date’, which is streaming on the platform.

Is Half Brothers on Hulu?

‘Half Brother’ is unavailable to stream on Hulu either. But the platform has a huge collection of buddy flicks. One such remarkable movie is ‘The Sisters Brothers’. You can stream this film here.

Is Half Brothers on Amazon Prime?

No. But Prime has the 2016-released flick with the same name. Also called ‘Half Brothers’, this story is about two estranged brothers who meet in Switzerland to sort out their differences and better understand one another.

Where To Watch Half Brothers Online?

Since ‘Half Brothers’ was released in theaters, it is too soon to rent it or stream it on-demand on any online service. The film is only available to be watched in the theater. Your best option is to head here, purchase the tickets, and enjoy the flick! You can additionally go to the film’s official website, search for the theater nearest to you, and buy your tickets.

How To Stream Half Brothers For Free?

‘Half Brothers’ is presently not available for free streaming anywhere. To watch this movie, you will need to visit the theater or opt for a paid streaming platform (as and when it becomes available).

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