Where to Stream Hamilton?

‘Hamilton’ is an on-screen adaptation of a hugely successful musical of the same name. The “movie” is an untouched recording of a performance of the musical and that proves to be the best means of an adaptation since the original production was critically acclaimed. It is based on a biographical novel, ‘Alexander Hamilton’ by Ron Chernow, and revolves around the titular founding father of the nation.

The musical was acclaimed for its usage of modern storytelling methods and music to tell a story set in the past. Apart from that, the musical is also appreciated for its casting of non-white actors in the role of Caucasian historical figures. The music is composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda who also stars in the production as Hamilton. Some of the other cast members include Leslie Odom Jr., Phillipa Soo, Daveed Diggs, Christopher Jackson, and multiple others.

Is Hamilton on Netflix?

Netflix is undeniably the king of streaming platforms. It can also be credited with bringing about the streaming revolution. Netflix boasts of an impressive library of original, as well as third-party productions. However, ‘Hamilton’ is not available on Netflix and cannot be streamed on the platform. However, Netflix has multiple other musicals that you can choose from. If you are confused about which one to watch, this list might help you out.

 Is Hamilton on Disney+?

Disney+ has rightfully caused waves in the streaming market. The platform generally features family-friendly productions and has the rights to some massive franchises like ‘Star Wars.’ Some of its productions have been runaway hits and it is poised to become even more successful as time passes. The network had bought the rights to Hamilton for a whopping price of $75 million. You can watch it here.

Is Hamilton On Hulu?

Hulu has been the underdog of streaming. In a cut-throat industry, the streaming platform continuously defies all expectations to not only stay afloat but take up a commendable share of the market. Hulu has been catching up with players like Netflix when it comes to producing high-quality originals. Apart from that, it also offers a live TV service to differentiate itself in the market. However, ‘Hamilton’ is not available on Hulu and cannot be streamed there. Instead, you can watch the hit remake of ‘Fame,‘ a musical about a group of students in a performing arts school.

Is Hamilton on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is also a firm contestant in the streaming race. The streaming platform offers viewers a steady dose of originals and some compelling third-party productions. Unfortunately, ‘Hamilton’ is not a part of its library. However, you can watch the 2002 Academy Award-winning ‘Chicago’ on Prime (with a Showtime subscription).

Where Else Can I Stream Hamilton?

Unfortunately, ‘Hamilton’ can only be streamed on Disney+. After all, the network paid a huge sum of money for exclusive rights to the production.

Can I Watch Hamilton For Free?

As mentioned earlier, the only way to stream ‘Hamilton’ would be on Disney+. A subscription for the streaming service costs $6.99 per month. Unfortunately, Disney+ does not offer a free trial any longer. Hence, there is no way that you can watch ‘Hamilton’ for free. We at The Cinemaholic recommend our readers to pay for the art they consume and not opt for illegal means.

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