Where To Stream Haunting of the Mary Celeste?

‘Haunting of the Mary Celeste’ is a horror film that’s directed by Shana Betz and written by Jerome Oliver and David Ross. The film follows Rachel and her crew of paranormal researchers who venture out into the Atlantic, to prove that the disappearance of the crew aboard the Mary Celeste (a commercial vessel in the 1870s) has roots in the supernatural. The film, starring Emily Swallow, Richard Roundtree, and Ava Acres in main roles, does not depend on cheap jump scares to spook the viewers. It instead relies on atmospheric horror, made impactful by eerie visuals and creepy disembodied sounds. Curious to know more about the plot of the movie ‘Haunting of the Mary Celeste’ and where to stream it? We’ve got you covered.

What is Haunting of the Mary Celeste About?

Paranormal researcher Rachel and her team of believers (plus one outspoken skeptic) take a boat out to the sea, to the place where they believe the Mary Celeste was last seen. They are trying to prove supernatural involvement in the strange and mysterious disappearance of the entire crew aboard the ship the Mary Celeste. The commercial vessel was found floating adrift in the Atlantic, without a single living soul on board and all its cargo intact. So where did the crew vanish to? Rachel is trying to prove that the tectonic plates shifting opened a tear in between different dimensions and those aboard the Mary Celeste were pulled into the rift and thrown to another dimension. Things start to get seriously spooky and disturbing when, one by one, Rachel’s crew members start disappearing also.

Is Haunting of the Mary Celeste on Netflix?

‘Haunting of the Mary Celeste’ is not available to stream on Netflix currently but there are plenty of other horror films that you can watch instead, like ‘Apostle‘ or ‘I’m The Pretty Thing In The House‘.

Is Haunting of the Mary Celeste on Hulu?

The film ‘Haunting of the Mary Celeste’ is not part of Hulu’s horror movie catalog but fans of the genre can also try watching ‘Sea Fever‘ or ‘Mary‘.

Is Haunting of the Mary Celeste on Amazon Prime?

No, ‘Haunting of the Mary Celeste’ is not available to stream on Amazon Prime but alternate titles like ‘The Grudge‘ or ‘Sinister‘ are available.

Where To Watch Haunting of the Mary Celeste Online?

Viewers who want to watch ‘Haunting of the Mary Celeste’ online can purchase or rent it as video-on-demand on  Vudu or iTunes.

How To Stream Haunting of the Mary Celeste For Free?

As of right now, this movie is not available for free streaming anywhere so the only way to watch it would be to pay for it as video-on-demand.

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