Where To Stream Jungle Cruise?

‘Jungle Cruise’ is an adventure film based on the Disney theme park attraction of the same name that tells the story of Captain Frank Wolff, Dr. Lily Houghton, and her brother MacGregor, who search for the Tree of Life, which possesses unparalleled healing abilities. It is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and stars Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt, and Jack Whitehall in the lead roles.

The movie is an action-packed affair filled with intriguing mystery, elements of fantasy, and family-friendly humor. If you are a fan of all-around entertaining flicks or Disney features, you must be wondering about the movie’s streaming details. In that case, we’ve got you covered! Here’s where you can watch ‘Jungle Cruise’ online.

What is Jungle Cruise About?

‘Jungle Cruise’ is set during the World War I era and follows Captain Frank Wolff, who is hired by British scientist Dr. Lily Houghton to aid her and her brother, MacGregor, in their search for the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life’s petals known as Tears of the Moon are said to have healing abilities and can also break curses. The trio enters the Amazon Jungle in search of the Tree of Life, but they aren’t the only ones looking for it. The trio must get to the Tree before forces of evil get their hands on it and unleash ghastly consequences on the entire world.

Is Jungle Cruise On Netflix?

Netflix currently doesn’t hold ‘Jungle Cruise’ among its esteemed collection of entertainment titles. However, if you are in the mood for some high-stakes fantasy adventure, we recommend.’Finding ʻOhana,’ about a family’s quest to connect with their heritage and retrieve a long-lost treasure.

Is Jungle Cruise On Amazon Prime?

‘Jungle Cruise’ isn’t included in Amazon Prime’s entertainment offerings at the moment but might become available as a VOD option at a later date. Meanwhile, as an alternative, you can stream ‘The Lost City of Z,’ a similar film set in the depths of Amazon about a British explorer’s journey to locate an advanced civilization that once lived in the region.

Is Jungle Cruise On Hulu?

‘Jungle Cruise’ isn’t available on Hulu. If you are looking for something similar to watch, we recommend ‘Dora and the Lost City of Gold,’ a light-hearted adventure comedy.

Is Jungle Cruise On HBO Max?

‘Jungle Cruise’ isn’t a part of the HBO Max catalog. If you are looking for something similar to watch, we recommend Dolittle on the streaming service.

Where to Watch Jungle Cruise Online?

‘Jungle Cruise’ can be watched at a theater near you (from July 30, 2021). To check show timings and book tickets, head here. You can also watch the movie from the comforts of your home on Disney+ with Premier Access from July 30, 2021 (for a period of 30 days). The movie will eventually become available for all subscribers from November 12, 2021. The film will also become available on VOD platforms sometime after its theatrical run, and we’ll update you regarding the same once we have relevant information.

How to Stream Jungle Cruise For Free?

At present, ‘Jungle Cruise’ can only be watched at a theater or streamed on Disney+ with Premier Access at an additional cost of $29.99. Therefore, there is no method to stream the movie online for free. We encourage our readers to use legal streaming methods and highly advocate paying for the entertainment you wish to consume.

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