Where To Stream Possessor: Uncut?

‘Possessor: Uncut’ is a sci-fi/ horror indie film by director and writer Brandon Cronenberg, starring Andrea Riseborough, Christopher Abbott, and Jennifer Jason Leigh. ‘Possessor: Uncut’ follows the story of an assassin who uses brain implant technology to bio-hack other people and makes them commit murders of high-profile targets. The film is dark, cerebral, and graphically violent. It works on different levels – being a mind-bending drama while also scaring you as effectively as a good horror film can. If you want to know more about the plot of the movie and where you can stream it, then we have all the information right here.

What is Possessor: Uncut All About?

Tasya Vos is an elite killer, one of the best assassins working for a shady company that assigns high profile targets for her to eliminate. Vos’s latest mission is to murder the founder of a data-mining conglomerate so she chooses to possess (by way of bio-hacking using a brain implant) and control the target’s daughter’s boyfriend, Colin Tate, who is a low-level worker in the same company. Problems arise when Tate’s consciousness begins to fight back Vos’s control, even as Vos struggles to get over her chafing anxieties and battles her own nervous breakdown.

Is Possessor: Uncut on Netflix?

No, ‘Possessor: Uncut’ is not available to stream on Netflix but fans of mind-bending/ cerebral cinema can instead check out ‘Anon‘ or ‘Cam‘.

Is Possessor: Uncut on Hulu?

‘Possessor: Uncut’ is not available on Hulu. Interested viewers can try watching ‘Jacob’s Ladder‘ or ‘Coherence‘ instead.

Is Possessor: Uncut on Amazon Prime?

‘Possessor: Uncut’ is not streaming on Amazon Prime currently, however, there are similar cerebral horror-thrillers available such as, ‘Melancholia‘ and ‘Shutter Island‘.

Where To Watch Possessor: Uncut Online?

‘Possessor: Uncut’ is available to buy or rent as video-on-demand on either iTunes or Redbox.

How To Stream Possessor: Uncut For Free?

As of right now, ‘Possessor: Uncut’ is only available to purchase or rent on-demand on the aforementioned platforms but is not available for free streaming anywhere. You’ll have to pay for this movie if you want to watch it. As a practice, we always request our readers to pay for the content they consume.

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