Where To Stream Saint Maud?

Written and directed by Rose Glass, ‘Saint Maud’ is a psychological horror film that centers on a disturbed devout nurse who becomes obsessed with the idea of saving her patient’s soul from eternal damnation. ‘Saint Maud’ is chilling, thrilling, and creepy. It creates an ominous atmosphere that is bound to make a shiver run down your spine. Hinging on faith and terror, this is not a film that you will easily forget. ‘Saint Maud’ stars the acting talents of Jennifer Ehle and Morfydd Clark in the lead. Curious to know more about the plot of ‘Saint Maud’ and where you can stream it? Here is everything you need to know about it.

What is Saint Maud About?

Maud is a newly-religious and reclusive young nurse whose impressionable bearing makes her pursue a properly Christian path of pious commitment after she goes through an undisclosed trauma. Charged with the hospice care of a retired cancer-stricken dancer, Maud’s intense faith quickly spawns an obsessive belief that she must save her patient’s soul from eternal damnation, at whatever cost required.

Is Saint Maud on Netflix?

‘Saint Maud’ is not on Netflix, but fans of the horror genre can instead watch similar films such as ‘The Boy‘ (a governess is rattled to find that the couple who hired her wants her to care for a doll that they treat like a human boy) and ‘Sinister‘ (a true-crime writer moves into a creepy house and finds disturbing home movies of the previous family).

Is Saint Maud on Hulu?

‘Saint Maud’ is not presently streaming on Hulu, but you can watch other similar films such as ‘The Field Guide to Evil‘ (an anthology of scary folklore tales) and ‘The Wretched‘ (a boy tries to save his possessed neighbor).

Is Saint Maud on Amazon Prime?

‘Saint Maud’ is not available on Amazon Prime as of now, but interested viewers can alternatively watch similar movies like ‘The Grudge‘ (a woman who died in the grip of murderous rage haunts the people who enter her house) and ‘The Hole in the Ground‘ (a mother suspects that her son who returned after being lost in the woods is an imposter).

Where To Watch Saint Maud Online?

‘Saint Maud’ is exclusively streaming on Epix. You’ll need an active subscription to the channel in order to watch the movie, either on the website or on the app.

How To Stream Saint Maud For Free?

As of now, ‘Saint Maud’ is only streaming on Epix, so people who already have Epix can watch it for free on the channel. Outside of Epix, this film is not available to watch for free anywhere.

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