Where to Stream Soul?

Directed by Pete Docter and Kemp Powers, ‘Soul’ is an animated fantasy comedy-drama movie that reflects on crucial existential questions like the purpose of life, the deep-rooted desire to find our place in the world, the inherent disappointment that accompanies the failure to achieve what we want and most importantly, our mortality. With a fresh perspective on all such philosophical dilemmas, the movie can make anyone curious about its plot and other streaming details. In case you wish to seek similar information, then you have come to the right place.

What is Soul About?

Joe Gardner is a talented pianist and a middle school teacher who is passionate about jazz music. Desperate for his big break, he keeps looking for the right opportunity, which arrives when he gets an audition with the legendary saxophonist Dorothea Williams. Although he does a great job, an accident causes his soul to reach You Seminar (after a panicked escape from the After-Life), where souls are given their personalities before being carried to a newborn child.

Trapped between life and death, Joe desperately wants to return to the world of the living to fulfill his lifelong dream. To accomplish this mission, he must take the help of a soul-in-training who really does not want to experience life on Earth. Joe reflects on his own life and dreams while also helping the little soul-in-training find its purpose in life. If the riveting story of failures, dreams, and destiny resonates with you and you wish to know where ‘Soul’ can be streamed, then we have got you covered.

Is Soul on Netflix?

‘Soul’ is not part of Netflix’s otherwise impressive catalog of animated films. However, we do recommend our readers watch ‘Over the Moon,’ which revolves around a brave young girl Fei Fei, who wants to prove her mother right and establish the existence of the moon goddess.

Is Soul on Hulu?

Hulu subscribers will have to look for other alternatives as ‘Soul’ is not available on the platform. But they can alternatively watch ‘Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas.’

Is Soul on Amazon Prime?

Yes, ‘Soul’ is available on Amazon Prime but as video-on-demand. You can purchase the movie for $12.99 here. Fans of animated shows or films can stream ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ or ‘The Immortal Warrior.’

Where to Watch Soul Online?

‘Soul’ is streaming on Disney+, being a Pixar film. The movie is also available on several VOD platforms. You can either purchase or rent it from Vudu, Google Play, iTunes, FandangoNow, Redbox, and YouTube. You can additionally watch ‘Soul’ on AppleTV and DirecTV.

How to Stream Soul for Free?

Since Disney+ no longer offers a free trial and the movie can only be streamed on other VOD platforms, it is currently not possible to stream the film for free. However, we do suggest our readers always pay for the content they consume so as to support the cinematic arts.

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