Where To Stream The Craft: Legacy?

‘The Craft: Legacy’ is the standalone sequel of the 1996 cult classic ‘The Craft’, the original one following the story of four witches who have to choose between good or evil as they learn more about their fantastical powers. The sequel, written and directed by Zoe Lister-Jones, and produced under Jason Blum’s The Blumhouse banner, also revolves around a newly-formed coven of four witches who are discovering their magical powers and strength and also have to choose whether to use their powers for good or go dark. Curious to know more about the plot of the supernatural horror flick ‘The Craft: Legacy’ and where to stream it? We have got you covered.

What is The Craft: Legacy About?

Lily is an orphan who moves to a new town to live with a new foster family, but she doesn’t quite fit in. Even at school, Lily feels like a deer caught in headlights, struggling to avoid everyone’s judgy gaze, until she meets three friendly girls who take her into their group’s warm fold and celebrate her as a woman. When the girls reveal that they are witches and want to induct Lily into their coven, Lily is skeptical at first and then overjoyed at belonging somewhere. The four witches start exploring their budding magical powers and ultimately, realize that they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. Soon, each one will need to decide whether to remain good or give in to the tempting darkness.

Is The Craft: Legacy on Netflix?

‘The Craft: Legacy’ is not available to stream on Netflix but interested viewers can alternatively watch ‘The House of The Witch‘ or ‘Sleepy Hollow‘.

Is The Craft: Legacy on Hulu?

‘The Craft: Legacy’ is not presently available on Hulu but fans of the genre may watch the equally entertaining and scary ‘The Wretched‘ or ‘Pyewacket‘.

Is The Craft: Legacy on Amazon Prime?

While ‘The Craft: Legacy’ is not available to stream for free on Amazon Prime, viewers can purchase or rent it as video-on-demand. Check it out here.

Where To Watch The Craft: Legacy Online?

Apart from Amazon Prime, ‘The Craft: Legacy’ is also available to buy or rent from these VOD platforms – Apple TV+, Google Play, Vudu, FandangoNow, Microsoft Store, AMC Theatres.

How To Stream The Craft: Legacy For Free?

Currently, ‘The Craft: Legacy’ is not available on any streaming platform for free. We always encourage our readers to pay for the content they consume, so if you would like to watch ‘The Craft: Legacy’, please pick your preferred VOD platform and pay for the film.

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